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  1. Afoqt
  2. Syracuse University VCTP Application for May 2017 Cohort
  3. Army MLT - ASAST or BSAST at TESU?
  4. Taking a break between Associates and Bachelors
  5. Penn State World campus offering application fee waiver for military
  6. Champlain College now offering 70% tuition discount to Mil and their families
  7. Evaluating JST Transcripts
  8. Happy Veteran's Day
  9. Study resources for clep
  10. opinion on officer route?
  11. Navy PPME
  12. Brandman...Earn your Master's in only 7 classes.
  13. Would you reccommend instacert.com?
  14. Suggested Cleps to Finish my CCAF.
  15. Looking for a school that caps Mil TA at $250 per sem hr for an MBA???
  16. Finished CCAF
  17. American Military University
  18. FREE CyberSecurity Training for Veterans
  19. TESU Mat115
  20. Together We Served
  21. Army chaplain
  22. Amu question for anyone Who has or is attending
  23. CCAF vs JST
  24. Military - Free Retake Voucher Ends Soon (May 31)
  25. If I Could Do Over....
  26. TESU TECEP & Veteran's Benefits...
  27. Veterans - Tests Approved for Reimbursement
  28. PENN STATE World Campus Webinar
  29. Advanced Enlistment with College Credits
  30. Free Coursera Course for Vets
  32. Radiation health technician
  33. Passing NUC495 and other upper level classes without taking 100/200 level classes
  34. GI Bill Dilemma
  35. Need Help Evaluating this plan for BS Liberal Arts Excelsior
  36. no more collecting Post 9/11 Bill and Unemployment at the same time
  37. Using the Post 9/11 GI Bill - webinar
  38. Army Guard Officers
  39. BYU Public Speaking and CCAF
  40. Thomas Edison State College Military Scholarships
  41. Inactive status/spouse??
  42. University of Phoenix suspended by Dod - Barred from receiving TA
  43. Military Presence
  44. Can you get an Officers Commision
  45. DANTES-funded???
  46. TA and UEXCEL?
  47. S.A.L.U.T.E Veterans National Honors Society
  48. City University of Seattle AS in general studies!
  49. (New to Military) Does the AF pay for grad school if I enter OTS?
  50. Ccaf
  51. from colonel to chef
  52. top military friendly colleges?
  53. Looking for a final word on Staighterline to CCAF?
  54. How to update JST (you can help)
  55. Comex systems CLEP
  56. The Shoot-Down of Seal Team Six - What do you all think about that?
  57. Military Education Spending and Stats
  58. Army Staff and Management College
  59. Joint service transcript credit acceptance
  60. 45% Tuition increase for veterans at Colorado Mountain College
  61. Does TA stillpay for TECEPs
  62. TESC Automatic Military Credit Eval
  63. Verizon looking to train and hire field technicians (military veterans program)
  64. Cheap community college courses for vets
  65. Veterans Career Transition Program - Free Certs for Veterans and Spouses
  66. USAF and the ACT
  67. Whats next?
  68. CCAF and ACE-recommended credit (TEEX/ALEKS) for Tech Core/Elective NOT for GenEd...
  69. Post 9/11 GI Bill and Excelsior College Exams
  70. CompTIA A+ Voucher
  71. Excelsior college credit by exam
  72. Best schools with online programs for Active Duty military
  73. CLEP/DSST credits for advanced enlistment?
  74. TESC MDCP question
  75. U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
  76. Are SPēD certificates worth anything? What about their ACE-approved classes?
  77. How to get a signed degree plan from TESC for MilTA? (USAF)
  78. UoP barred from enrolling veterans (SD campus)
  79. How important is graded coursework for commissioning? (any/all branches)
  80. ASVAB Study Guides
  81. Cheap source of credits for veterans
  82. (USAF) Other than instructor duty and cross-training (I think), what's CCAF for?
  83. Help a Soldier!
  84. CompTIA
  85. Help! Best way to complete my ba**
  86. Work on completing a Bachelor's while in job training?
  87. One-time $4500 allowance for a certificate? Any recommendations? (TA-related)
  88. JST Credit Recommendations
  89. JST Transcript SOC Codes
  90. A word of caution if using Post 9/11 GI Bill
  91. fasfa questions
  92. AKO Login Issues
  93. Air University Online
  94. 2014 bah
  95. Changes to Army TA
  96. Any DLIFLC Alumni here?
  97. Would I be a fool to get out of the military?
  98. Norfolk Testers
  99. Post 9/11 and TESC 50% Eligibility
  100. DANTES-funded candidates on hold
  101. TA is out
  102. CCAF & Straighterline
  103. Credit through ACE available for SEJPME
  104. Any 68W or 27D going to Excelsior?
  105. GI Bill or VRAP Transfers?
  106. A question for dposborne
  107. New Joint Services Transcripts (JST)
  108. Complete List of MCIs with ACE Accreditation
  109. Does the US Naval Academy accept CLEP?
  110. how to verify credits?
  111. Just Joined, and had a question...
  112. CCAF requirements done!!!
  113. Question for Clep and DTTS
  114. BAH question
  115. My Degree Path
  116. Colleges that accept CLEP in missouri without taking a semester
  117. Appreciation, and Thank you. :) - Thank You Thread
  118. FEMA Independent Study online classes for military service with GED
  119. Next Step?
  120. DSST Principles of Public Speakin
  121. White House Petition to Reinstate Military Tuition Assistance
  122. No more tuition assistance
  123. Gi bill certificate of eligibility
  124. Dlpt5?
  125. Did VA change tuition policy?
  126. TESC Management Degree/Aviation Maintenance Degree
  127. USAF OTS application - No GPA through TESC
  128. giBill question
  129. DSST process
  130. TESC cost & MDCP
  131. I have my BA however I'm still trying to get my CCAF for my officer packet
  132. gibill question
  133. Using post 9/11 gi bill to complete prerequisites for dental school
  134. military graduate question
  135. Reservist/GiBill Question
  136. Princples of statistics
  137. DLPT 1/1 good for how many credits?
  138. gibill question
  139. Dsst technical writing
  140. Max amount of cleps you can take while in AF active duty?
  141. Panama Canal Transcripts
  142. Straighterline to receive CCAF - AS Logistics Mngt.
  143. Northcentral University Tuition Drop for TA Users
  144. TESC Military Degree Completion Program Change
  145. Advice on degree plan
  146. SMARTS/TESC a misunderstanding
  147. Officer program
  148. Military Degree Completion at TESC (TA - Go Army Ed - Fees questions)
  149. GI Bill and Grad School
  150. Post 9-11 GI Bill and TOP-UP
  151. Finished my CCAF!
  152. Introduction to Combat Intelligence
  153. How does TESC transcripe CCAF credit?
  154. Didn't have this kinda stuff when I was in
  155. Healthcare adminstration
  156. Top Up and TESC?
  157. quickest way to get degree
  158. Can you take a look at these credits and figure out the fastest bachelor's degree
  159. Aleks ACE on CCAF
  160. Free practice test and study guides on ako
  161. TESC BA needs 18 TESC credits to complete?Also, social science vs psychology for OTS
  162. military TA help
  163. AF cuts proctored exams for DL classes, and more
  164. "Free" Online text books for DoD
  165. Ed Office at it again. Uggghh
  166. commissioning in air force with TESC degree
  167. FREE TUITION! for an undergrad degree 100%
  168. SMART Transcript
  169. Graduate Certificate Through TA
  170. Air Force: ACE Credit for your CDCs!
  171. Straighterline and TA
  172. Best college to get an online MBA from?
  173. Why are we still in Afghanistan?
  174. new to here and looking for some advice
  175. UniversalClass.com Free for Air Force & Families
  176. Lsu tma150
  177. Possible (Free? Inexpensive?) College Credit Source for Military
  178. al udeid bowling alley?
  179. Present and Former Military Peepz
  180. Tutor.com Free for military and families
  181. Question about ALEKS
  182. anyone try BGSU?
  183. CCAF Grad in a pickle. TESC or UMUC?
  184. Afit
  185. A Few Bad Apples
  186. Military and the big three
  187. help funding school
  188. Applying to USAF OTS
  189. Earning a degree entirely through military training, is it possible?
  190. DOD FY 2011 CLEP DSST Pass Rates
  191. AUABC too general?
  192. DANTES-funded Reminder
  193. excelsior and the VFW
  194. Older Vets to Get GI Bill
  195. New to forums
  196. VEAP sucks!
  197. Montgomery GI Bill Question
  198. DoD TA remains $250/$4500 through 2012
  199. Thank you to all of our Veterans
  200. Defence Language TEST
  201. Ta/ other free money????
  202. Tuition Assistance Slashed (if you are a Marine, it got destroyed)
  203. seeking Guidance
  204. No free ECE tests for military starting 1 Oct!
  205. GI Bill Question
  206. Ethics in America
  207. Army Aviation Warrant Officer transfer credits?
  208. Can I use the G.I. Bill for a second Master's degree?
  209. Post 9/11 and TESC
  210. Unable to get a straight answer from Excelsior about 9/11 GI Bill
  211. Amazing FREE 24/7 tutoring for military & families in LOTS of subject
  212. TESC December Graduation/Sept Classes
  213. duel enrollment gi bill
  214. Microsoft office For 10 Dollars
  215. Active Duty Montgomery GI bill Questions
  216. VA Form for Test Reimbursement
  217. gi bill?
  218. Military(AF) CLEP/DSST transcripts
  219. Virginia in state tuition
  220. Instantcert in Afghanistan
  221. will CCAF accept AARTS credit?
  222. About to get my ccaf
  223. Afghan Countdown - Donut of Misery
  224. flunked armed forces admission exam
  225. Old CLEP Scores & AARTS Transcript
  226. Testing out of Bachelors Degree
  227. Care packages have arrived
  228. Taking Clep Tests on Active Duty?
  229. Army Humor
  230. What to do with 180+ credits?
  231. 2 Credits for a Pay raise
  232. Excelsior has special offer for militar who are interested in Masters
  233. Headed to Afghanistan
  234. Does UMUC Accept ACE Transcript?
  235. Military pay freeze
  236. Earning a Commission with TESC
  237. Classes over $250 a credit?!?
  238. Best Veterans Organizations to join?
  239. Texas Veterans - Hazlewood Act
  240. Analyzing and Interpreting Literature no essay + CCAF
  241. I need education Bullets
  242. Military breaking a lease?
  243. Pro's of Enlisted over Commissioned?
  244. From High School to USAF Fighter Pilot
  245. Into to computer Applications
  246. Thank you to our Veterans!
  247. Happy Birthday USMC
  248. Military transcript - TESC?
  249. Reenlistment?
  250. Principles of Speech Results (military)