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  1. My Promotion
  2. HAZMAT suit added to the shopping list
  3. Non-Compete Contracts for employers! Now I am out of work.
  4. Recommendation Letter for Grad School
  5. Once more, My Show of Appreciation for helping me avoid this
  6. A Disturbing Truth About the History of Our Educational System - Video
  7. Learn Mandarin?
  8. vet tech
  9. Frustrated
  10. Free College Degree for US
  11. Dog Breeds - Help Pick
  12. looking for something to read? Check this out!
  13. USAF Credentialing: Which of these is worth it?
  14. Marketing jobs??!!
  15. Exercise Ideas - Coordination
  16. Degree Info site???
  17. The Better Business Bureau is a Scam in Itself
  18. Has anyone heard of Ashworth College?
  19. This Leadership Course is Torture
  20. White House report includes WGU
  21. Should we reach out to this guy? :)
  22. University of Phoenix graduates....
  23. Dating a Wimp
  24. on checking the box.....
  25. Oscar Pistorius: Judge Delivering Verdict Live
  26. recent radio silence
  27. Out Of Town Guys
  28. Prestige to polish the resume....
  29. dustberich
  30. College admissions joke
  31. Pianists?
  32. Favorite Classic Literature?
  33. LuckyBear
  34. University of Phoenix founder dies...RIP
  35. Age difference in dating
  36. Professional Organizations & Associations
  37. Resumes and Cover Letters
  38. Thinking of My Next Career
  39. Employers don't care where you went to school, nor about your GPA...Atlantic article.
  40. The Hi-Tech Mess of Higher Education
  41. Judge a book by it's cover - ink and metal
  42. Major Changes for Me
  43. Funny Craigslist Ad
  44. Typical American Dream milestones you accomplished before you ever got your degree...
  45. Frustrated...
  46. Studio Art Online
  47. LinkedIn
  48. PhD versus 2nd Masters
  49. Aric Hall and Darryle Huffman
  50. Addicted...
  51. Thank God for the Affordable Care Act
  52. Forbes's America's Top 100 Colleges List
  53. Benefits of Working for the State
  54. Relationships Like This -Video
  55. Airplanes
  56. Any car experts/hobbyists?
  57. homeschool teens and parents wanted!
  58. I'm an ordained minister!
  59. Is it obnoxious to list degree acronymns behind your name on your resume?
  60. The Peace Corps' New Application Process
  61. Possible job
  62. Is Anyone Willing to Share their Portfolio Example
  63. Car wash damaged my car! Do I have any legal recourse?
  64. So you've seen the convict mugshot turned model...but what do you think of it?
  65. CEO's with Bachelor's Degrees and that's it...
  66. Leaving address off of resume?
  67. World Cup
  68. Good news! I can quit my job soon!
  69. My Scottish kings that I am a direct descendant of....
  70. Harvard Extension Bachelors Webinar
  71. Why didn't I know Armed Forces DNA Collection is mandatory?
  72. Harvard Extension accepts ACE and CLEP
  73. Happy Fathers Day 2014
  74. Googling yourself
  75. Evolution?
  76. Dean at M.I.T. Resigns, Ending a 28-Year Lie
  77. E3 2014
  78. Harvard Extension Hybrid Courses
  79. Summer Plans
  80. Homeschooling
  81. Kids in College by the Age of 12
  82. Base SAS Certification
  83. Need a laugh? Read about the Ig Nobel Prize winners.
  84. Please help me talk some sense into my sister!
  85. Memorial Day 2014
  86. National vs Regional Accreditation, Selecting the Right College or University- Video
  88. Exciting News
  89. Harvard Satanic Mass
  90. What time do you get up?
  91. Happy Mothers Day 2014!
  92. 90-year-old Ohio man to receive college degree
  93. that time of year again - want to quit work and go hiking
  94. Girl Graduates College Before High School
  95. May 4th 2014
  96. Reminder: Mother's Day is next weekend!
  97. Work Anniversary
  98. Transitions after home-schooling?
  99. Introducing StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships
  100. Happy Eas+er 2014!!!
  101. I need a math whiz!
  102. The Phone Interview
  103. COSC and TESC make top 50 list
  104. TESC College Ring
  105. British Sports Car
  106. Career Success Stories
  107. ASE Certifications
  108. VCE files
  109. Funny April Fools joke played on professor
  110. Only 49 Years To Go!!
  111. Random Act of Kindness
  112. pm me- what did I miss?
  113. Free Spanish Program
  114. Are we headed to WW3?
  115. My "Thank you!" thread - CCAF knocked out in less than two years thanks to IC and...
  116. Malaysia Flight 370 - Black Box Question
  117. Memory loss??
  118. Be careful if you're trying to transfer credits from UNC, lol
  119. What is a good SAT prep for a high school student?
  120. Helping out a young guy at work...
  121. The Big Three- How Does One Lists Dates of Attendance Correctly on a Resume?
  122. Happy St. Patricks Day 2014
  123. Criminal Justice: The Unethical Cash Cow
  124. Happy PI Day!!!
  125. Clothing Company Replaces Models with PhDs
  126. 5000 posts?!?!?!
  127. Which language would you learn?
  128. Light at the end of the tunnel!
  129. Community Award Time
  130. Booked a cruise as my graduation present. They are having a "sail free" promotion.
  131. Personalities of People
  132. 9 more posts to 2000
  133. Now that I'm done....
  134. Home failed inspection.. miserably
  135. Need some help...
  136. People's Archetypes
  137. Get your eyes checked!
  138. Opportunities...
  139. Look Who Is Retired!!!
  140. I just got a new job! :)
  141. Well the Rebel is done....
  142. What I have been up to
  143. Becoming a commissioned officer without joining the armed forces
  144. Happy Valentine's Day 2014!!
  145. Waiting to hear if Dh has to start chemo again. You guys rock.
  146. Best Cake Ever
  147. As APUS Joins Straighterline as a" partner college"....
  148. New WGU MS in Management and Leadership
  149. Swallowing my pride
  150. Western Governors Commencement Ceremonies....
  151. Off to Graduation (MBA)
  152. Work-from-home Ideas
  153. University of Florida Masters in Forensic Science
  154. My ECE Evaluation got me 65 Semester Hour Credits!!
  155. New Job in a New City!!!
  156. Practice Patent Law Without Being a Lawyer
  157. European Travel
  158. Is a masters degree really worth it?
  159. What would be your ideal route to med school?
  160. Room 237
  161. Whovians
  162. I Almost Received a Promotion
  163. American Military University ,,,, Advertising
  164. MBA for under $1000
  165. I have a question about College Composition Modular with Optional Essay exam?
  166. Homeschoolers: If money weren't an issue....
  167. What kind of computer do you recommend?
  168. Coursera.org - Have You Taken Any Courses through Them?
  169. Where is your favorite Caribbean Beach?
  170. Great Review: Rosetta Stone vs. Pimsleur
  171. New image icon
  172. Job Offer!
  173. Chiropractor or Physical Therapist for Tennis Elbow
  174. Concentrating on school in the midst of family crisis.
  175. Fun with Telescopes!
  176. Major Change in Career Test Results
  177. Happy 2014!!!
  178. My Friend Needs More Responses For This Survey!!
  179. Make as much as a CPA with no college degree!
  180. Meowy Chris+mas 2013
  181. What are your educational goals for 2014?
  182. Why you should get your PhD... in Finland!
  183. Have you ever analyzed your likes received and likes given?
  184. My thesis topic was accepted!
  185. Interview ideas....
  186. Between ECE vs WES
  187. Recipes for leftover beer that's about to go in the trash
  188. Degree Forum Question
  189. Homeschooling Success!
  190. ACE Transcripts and UK universities
  191. It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!!
  192. What to do next...?
  193. Anyone here into Bitcoins?
  194. Happy Thanksgiving 2013!!!
  195. Why is eLearners emailing me, and how did they get my email address?
  196. Straighterline- Next course offerings
  197. OT thankful for book sales!
  198. Affordable Health Care Law
  199. Christian Denomination Selector
  200. Finding friends online?
  201. Finding new friends
  202. Any advice on getting hotel deals at the last minute
  203. Stray cat wants to adopt itself to me?!
  204. Women or Men with Wives/Girlfriends: How do you carry your guns?
  205. Virgin America Just Launched the Sassiest Safety Video You've Ever Seen
  206. Anyone have experience with the Wii U?
  207. I'm done
  208. Myths of Getting a Degree Online
  209. Genius Lectures
  210. What are ranks?
  211. Ayone my age out there??
  212. Books for Sale! Excelsior CCS 120
  213. Goofy celebration!!
  214. Look what came in the mail
  215. Gov. Shutdown?
  216. Earn a doctorate in 6 years right out of high school
  217. Azusa Pacific Online University Partners with StraighterLine to Offer Learners Online
  218. It's all over
  219. LinkedIn Anyone?
  220. Inside Higher Ed : A Call for Accreditation of Learning that occurs Outside College
  221. Lindagerris about to be promoted
  222. Anyone wanna start a fandom group?
  223. New Myspace
  224. Do you know what all of these are?
  225. Contest- anyone bored?
  226. Considering a Master's in School Psychology from National University San Diego CA
  227. Patriot's Day 2013
  228. University of Milwaukee Online Bachelor's Program - What the heck?
  229. Job Hunting Tips?
  230. The 10 Cheapest Online MBA Programs
  231. Idea for topic -- traditional schools that take CLE
  232. thesis proposal in 7 weeks, yikes!
  233. Post Degree Blues
  234. Free Student ID cards for home school students
  235. Do you take care of your health?????
  236. Labor Day 2013
  237. Donating Plasma
  238. I'm done!!
  239. College honors programs?
  240. Rosetta Stone must be feeling the pressure
  241. Google Drive- love this!
  242. I got a job as an instructor...
  243. MBA: Completed
  244. What happened to all of the educational channels?
  245. What do you drive?
  246. Pres. Obama's new college ranking system
  247. virtual study group for homeschool parents
  248. MIT & Khan Academy website
  249. I should know this, but...
  250. Be happy for what you have while you have it.