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  1. TESC ASBA and BSBA Marketing concurrently... suggestions?
  2. Social Science Degree Help
  3. It is finished. My degree was conferred.
  4. ProctorU website/scheduling slow/different - Did something change recently?
  5. Straighterline UL at TESC?
  6. Excelsior Upper level credit
  7. Opinion on Excelsior accepting these credits?
  8. TESC BS HSEP Electives
  9. Finished TESC Capstone!
  10. COSC Psychology
  11. Advice for college age and high school home schooler?
  12. Question for COSC graduates - degree conferral date falls on weekend?
  13. TESC Leave of Absence?
  14. Tesc BSBA progress check
  15. TESC degree plan help? Should I transfer asap?
  16. TESC 2014 Commencement
  17. Ready to Enroll in Excelsior's BA Program - Have Questions - Help Appreciated
  18. TECEP clarification needed
  19. Difficulty choosing courses
  20. TECEP and College Residency Requirement
  21. TESC second degree - does capstone count in new 24 hours in area of study?
  22. TESC Liberal Arts Capstone help
  23. How to Completely Test Out of Excelsior College BSBA - General Business Degree Plan
  24. Seeking Help Preparing For BSBA General Management from Tesc
  25. A Mix of RA Credit and International Credit = Degree?
  26. A greeting, and request for help!
  27. Petition: Excelsior Needs to Drop Its Partnership with Pearson
  28. Free Test Prep Materials for TECEP® Exams
  29. Excelsior's Policy regarding SL Credits?
  30. CMA certification by IMANET
  31. Raise GPA? TESC Student
  32. Request for TESC Degree Plan Modification
  33. Microsoft certifications = free electives?
  34. Help explain TESC Eval Please?
  35. Aleks restart
  36. Aleks Help Please!!!!!
  37. Question about Excelsior courses
  38. (TESC) Managerial Communication Textbook: Does it come with anything else?
  39. Does this TESC BA in natural science/math look right? Thanks:)
  40. PennFoster Intro to Java
  41. Excelsior Biology Degree and Transferring to University for Medical Technology
  42. Math requirement for AS technology (excelsior)
  43. Recent problem taking TECEP and how it was overcome
  44. How COSC's semesters are structured
  45. Last bit of advice before I commit
  46. FREE Course on Creating PLA Portfolio for TESC from Saylor
  47. Which Big 3???
  48. TECEP English Composition I
  49. Suggest a TECEP!
  50. Please Help! Need Fast Credits
  51. Test Out Plan for TESC's BA in Biology
  52. Looking to become a new student of Charter Oak -- Need Help
  53. Almostfreecollege.com - legit?
  54. new student...should i focus on tecep's or clep
  55. Tesc - penn foster equivalences - need help
  56. TECEP - how to take the exam ??
  57. TECEP prep
  58. Bachelors of Science in HealthCare Management
  59. Time of Degree
  60. Need TESC Help
  61. Tesc CIS-301 & CIS-311 Actual online course?
  62. TESC Applicant - Accepted
  63. TESC per credit v/s enrolled option
  64. ECE Principles of Finance
  65. Best Route to Take For An Associates
  66. TESC Per Credit Hour Plan Annual Enrollment Status
  67. Good TESC course to take for GPA
  68. Please Help
  69. Penn Foster courses
  70. Upper Level unproctored finals?
  71. Need help deciding
  72. TESC Free Electives
  73. Which School to Choose for a Dual Baccalaureate Degree, COSC or TESC?
  74. Capstone Examples??? Information??? COSC
  75. Degree Plans & Signatures - for newbies
  76. Degree Plan Advice
  77. EC degree plan credit assistance
  78. TESC AS Environmental, Safety & Security Technologies
  79. big3 actual classes transfer to B&M
  80. Degree plan (help, please!)
  81. TESC ASBA Plan
  82. What is TESC's "Introduction to the option?"
  83. BSBA Degree Plan
  84. Plans people here followed to earn English degrees?
  85. Graduate in Dec. if COSC Cornerstone ends 12/21?
  86. COSC_ 4 uppel level credits left
  87. Degree Plan Help
  88. TESC eval question - ALEKS trigonometry missing
  89. Attaining Masters Degree after Bachelors from TESC
  90. Law School success
  91. TESC test out of Managerial Communications?
  92. Capstone help please!
  93. communications concentration at COSC
  94. TESC Calculus Sequence
  95. So confused need help with TESC tests trying to completely test out.
  96. Need opinion on Excelsior to TESC course.
  97. One more course to fulfill BSBA Requirement!
  98. TECEP questions
  99. What is TESC-Assessment Credit
  100. Thinking of Taking the Plunge! (TESC)
  101. cosc graduation deadlines - am I going nuts?
  102. Inquiry on testing out for bsc in organisational leadership
  103. Multiple Degrees
  104. cosc / learning counts inquiry
  105. Stupid TESC Questions
  106. SL Ebooks
  107. Please Help Where To Go What to Do ...So Confused...
  108. Is it possible to just take CLEP classes and get a degree?
  109. ACE transcript question ( How can a person send added courses on ACE transript after
  110. HI new to the total online/testing out options available
  111. My BSBA in General Management: Starting the journey
  112. Found another study site
  113. An I'm done post...
  114. Education is the Movement from Darkness to Light.-Allan Bloom
  115. CLEP Guidance
  116. University of Oregon
  117. Degree Plan confusing
  118. LSU course transferring to TESC
  119. Do I have to be enrolled in Excelsior before I can take the DSST and CLEP
  120. New TECEP
  121. The Importance of TESC Graded Credits When Applying to Graduate School
  122. COSC 2nd Bachelor's Degree
  123. Degree advice requested
  124. LPN to RN online
  125. Liberal Arts Capstone - TESC Professor Recommendation
  126. Bus 495 Excelsior Capstone
  127. Transfer Credits/Degree Questions-BA Psychology
  128. FEMA COSC credit bank to Excelsior
  129. Final push - have to be done in three months - Excelsior Liberal Arts
  130. How Does Charter Oak State College Break Down the GRE Subject Tests?
  131. How Close Am I To Associates?
  132. I Missed the Deadline to Turn in My Final!
  133. TESC CLEP and DSST scores and credits
  134. Completing a BSBA in Management by testing out.
  135. Oh, heck no! No PLAs for me.
  136. tesc managerial communication / business communication
  137. Regalia Q?
  138. First Post - TESC Academic Evaluation Questions
  139. Didi it!
  140. TESC AAS in Environmental, Safety, and Security Technologies - Area of Study
  141. Hi! New and need help!
  142. TESC Evaluation - Need Input
  143. TESC Enrollment and TECEP registration
  144. Excelsior: Foundations of gerentology.........help
  145. Textbook purchase question - Global vs US edition? (TECEP-related)
  146. Is a homeschool highschool diploma good enough for TESC?
  147. My TESC BA Diary
  148. Submitting portfolios/PLA for credit
  149. Aleks - Business Statistics
  150. Interior design?
  151. Advice on TESC BA Natural Science/Mathematics
  152. TESC General Ed Credit Roll-over
  153. Upper Level Business Excelsior Credits Please Help and Thank You
  154. TESC Adding New Section to Academic Evaluation
  155. Need help developing a plan
  156. General question about the Big Three schools
  157. Excelsior ECE Study CD's For Sale
  158. Adjusting to classes after clepping?
  159. Preparing for TECEPs?
  160. Cheapest Master's Degree Credits
  161. Free Sources of ACE Credit
  162. How well do Saylor/ALEKS/SL/open courses prepare you for corresponding CBEs?
  163. 2 Degrees from Thomas Edison State College?
  164. Undergraduate Certificate programs?
  165. Testing out of associates degrees?
  166. TESC-Changing Degree Plans
  167. TESC Credit Issue
  168. TESC Evaluations re Cleps
  169. I didn't notice this about Excelsior's new tuition and fees.
  170. As to be expected, COSC raised its tuition and fees.
  171. As to be expected, TESC raised its tuition and fees.
  172. COSC Sociology
  173. Plans people here followed to earn Computer Science degrees?
  174. Need a second look
  175. COSC PLA Scholarship
  176. The Secret to Earning a Second Degree At TESC
  177. TECEP's, Residency & a Secondary degree
  178. Online Plagiarism Prevention Service Now Implemented in TESC Courses
  179. Skipping the online discussions for EC classes
  180. Plans people here followed to earn Psychology degrees?
  181. TESC ~ Organizational Theory ~ BOOKS FOR SALE!!
  182. Quebec school similar to Big 3
  183. Any Big 3 degrees that can still be completely tested out of?
  184. Capstone failure?
  185. COSC AS using FEMA for around $2000 Total
  186. Is this true about portfolio assessments under the Per Credit Tuition Plan?
  187. Need TESC advice (re: Capstone mentor)
  188. Free Saylor ACE courses
  189. I have no idea what I'm doing with all of these credits but no four year degree.
  190. TESC required classes....equivalent cleps/dsst?
  191. Uexcel science of nutrition
  192. TESC Academic Evaluation - BA in English
  193. need some help planning a TESC history degree, please
  194. Counselor Question for TESC
  195. Graduate School After TESC: How Does the No GPA Work?
  196. Basic TESC Evaluation Request Question
  197. Penn Foster Sociology to Excelsior?
  198. Excelsior - New requirements on credit accumulation policy‏
  199. Modern Middle East VS. Western Civilization I/II
  200. Suggestions for completing CIS portion of BSBA at TESC
  201. Just learned of the "BIG 3" and trying to decide
  202. Bare Bones Plans for Quick, Cheap Associates Degrees at TESC (Beats COSC and EC)
  203. Help Needed
  204. Coursera.org and Excelsior
  205. COSC Degree Plan, Help needed!
  206. Tecep enc101
  207. TESC: All exams have Online Proctoring?
  208. Information About NorthCentral University (NCU)
  209. ASBA TESC/Saylor -- my tentative degree plan
  210. Enrollment Question TESC
  211. Upper credits requirement.
  212. TECEP Scores
  213. Changing tuition plan at TESC
  214. TESC Prior Credit Issue
  215. TESC's portfolio assessments are now a much better deal than LearningCounts
  216. Latest TESC evaluation - Speaking of anomalies
  217. Associates degree most quickly attainable based on transcript... need guidance/advice
  218. Degree Plan - TESC BA in Psychology - Suggestions/Comments welcome!
  219. Second Bachelor's Degree from TESC
  220. Old TECEPS, New TECEPs, or Mistake?
  221. TESC Capstone- just started and have questions
  222. SL Into to Env. Science transfer to COSC?
  223. TESC - 1st Course Selection
  224. Tesc 2 degrees comprehensive vs pay per credit in state tuition
  225. Degree Plan: BA Psychology and Natural Sciences/Mathematics
  226. Tesc per credit plan
  227. TESC Non-Western Literature question
  228. I Did iT!
  229. Need advice with degree plan for TESC. Human Services vs. Psychology
  230. Associates in Business - Excelsior
  231. Need help for degree plan in CS at TESC - newbie - how to earn credit for Coursera?
  232. EC vs TESC?
  233. Possibility To Double Degree - Psych - CIS
  234. Anyone watching the COSC graduation today at 1:30 PM?
  235. Excelsior raising fees
  236. TESC BA Social Science EVAL, old fema credits accepted, what courses to take?
  237. New Uexcel: Introduction to Cybersecurity
  238. New UExcel in General Chemistry I
  239. Sanantone's Test Out Plan for TESC's BA in Liberal Studies
  240. Sanantone's Test Out Plan for TESC's BA in Criminal Justice
  241. Sanantone's Test Out Plan for TESC's BA in Communications
  242. TOEFL and Per Credit tuition plan
  243. Which test will satisfy TESC's ETHICS requirement?
  244. Need Help Transfer Equivalences
  245. ERRR 10 days later my DSST already posted to my transcript.
  246. Double Major degree plan
  247. TESC question
  248. What exams/courses would satisfy these Excelsior Credit Requirements?
  249. UExcel Physics to TESC
  250. Need TESC Free Elective