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  1. Portfolio Assessment Fee Question
  2. 2015-2016 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees at the Big 3
  3. Ethics in America DSST and new TESC Gen Ed Requirements
  4. How does TESC pay per credit plan work
  5. TESC Test Out Plans Starting July 1, 2015
  6. Looking for some advice before applying to TESC/TESU
  7. Excelsior: The State of the College
  8. TESC: payment plan for tuition?
  9. OSS has 2016 programs but...
  10. New TESC question
  11. TESC Eval
  12. !!!HELP!!! Need as many credits as possible AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
  13. TESC New Requirements
  14. New Catalog at TESC
  15. TESC Per-credit option
  16. New to Excelsior - Please advise on study guides
  17. TESC: New Doctoral and Master's Programs
  18. TESC Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies
  19. Help with COSC credits please
  20. TESC transfer equivalency: upper lever assigned as lower level
  21. TESC changed Gen Ed Reauirements?
  22. COSC upper level confusion
  23. TESC Psych: making me crazy......science..what do we need????
  24. SOPHIA TESC Partnership
  25. DSST Tech Writing - does either school require the essay?
  26. Diff between COSC InfoSys vs CyberSecurity?
  27. TESC: Personal and Social Responsibility Elective?
  28. How do you know what classes you will need to take at COSC?
  29. What will be the quickest degree
  30. Please help arrange my BSBA in Operations Management from TESC
  31. fulfilling Excelsior's information literacy requirement
  32. Excelsior-AAS adnministration/managment program
  33. TESC Psych - question about UL credits
  34. Nusing route options - questions....
  35. Colleges by Salary Potential (Bachelor's Only) - Full List (EC and TESC included)
  36. Question about World Conflicts ECE Study Guide
  37. 34% of Excelsior graduates in the 2013-2014 academic year were military.
  38. tesc...AA to BA tuition
  39. Columbia College
  40. COSC - Fee Increases July 1, 2015
  41. TECEP Deadline Withdrawal Date
  42. Why Thomas Edison over Excelsior
  43. Ok, new question
  44. COSC AA(or AS) to TESC BSBA
  45. Ugh
  46. ALEKS/TESC Psych - confused about which one I need
  47. Alumni?
  48. Need Help
  49. My Graduation Post
  50. TESC registration office...
  51. TESC Open House
  52. COSC question
  53. Excelsior Changes to General Business Degree 7-1-2015
  54. TESC Psych degree. Can you look at my plan?
  55. Marriage and the Family TECEP book
  56. Financial aid silliness
  57. updated eval, just a few left to decide on
  58. Excelsior Genetics; final tips?
  59. Need help deciding (TESC or COSC) - counseling/addiction studies/psych, etc
  60. Do These Duplicate - DSST Ethics in America/B&M LL Applied Ethics
  61. Holy Math Equivalents, Batman!! (Aleks to TESC Confusion)
  62. COSC HCA Capston
  63. TESC Evaluation
  64. Foreign Transcripts
  65. FREE credits?
  66. TESC BA & financial aid
  67. TESC to WGU MBA... but the capstone is holding me up!
  68. COSC to offer Master's Degree
  69. [TESC] One Business elective credit?
  70. tesc bsab cis to GU ms cs
  71. statistics.com @ TESC
  72. Best Path to obtain a BA or BS
  73. TESC Evaluation BSBA CIS
  74. Which school/Program? Communication credits and OTA Credits
  75. uexcel genetics @ tesc
  76. ajs1976 TESC BSBA accountability thread
  77. easiest english compI, II and math for TESC or COSC
  78. update on TESC name change from college to university?
  79. TESC Enrollment Question
  80. Best path to AA
  81. [TESC] 9 Credits left... quicker method of doing it?
  82. Using 1 test for multiple requirements (TESC)
  83. Aleks acceptance
  84. Need to fill 1.66 credit ... help
  85. Please Help
  86. DSST exams and TESC
  87. Straighterline Credits with Grades
  88. Easiest and quickest degree currently from the big 3
  89. COSC Concentration
  90. DSST Substance Abuse UL credit for TESC Psychology degree question
  91. TESC registration office...
  92. Planning For The Future
  93. TESC Evaluation
  94. help with degree choice
  95. Pleasantly surprised on graduating this week
  96. Will TESC reject me?
  97. Looking to purchase tecep exams books
  98. Temporarily Switching Directions
  99. TECEP - Science of Nutrition
  100. Second Bachelors Degree in Accounting
  101. Officially DONE! :-)
  102. EC New Degree Program - BS in Public Health
  103. TESC BSBA vs new COCS BSBA
  104. Excelsior Written English
  105. Former Biology Major working adult- finish online or change majors?
  106. TESC capstone question.
  107. AP Testing Question- Specifically Thomas J.
  108. COS-116 & CIS-320 TESC Classes. Anyone take?
  109. Need Help Mapping Two AA Degrees
  110. 1.6 UL Credits short at COSC
  111. Help with 4 courses to finish by June 30
  112. new to forum and question on TESC BSBA or other two
  113. Arnold Fletcher
  114. Already have AA Degree - Questions
  115. COSC "Ethical Decision Making" Req-- will a philosophy class work?
  116. TESC - Upper Level Credit for DSST's or just go with UExcel?
  117. Endings and Beginnings
  118. Re-applying at TESC
  119. Straighterline Organizational Behavior
  120. COSC Straighterline Personal Finance
  121. Need help deciding which path to take
  122. TESC Financial and Managerial Accounting. CLEP, SL, or combination?
  123. emailing ACE transcript to Excelsior -- no can do
  124. A good first stop for potential TESC students
  125. placing these exams in eval
  126. Programming requirement for BSBA CIS
  127. 27sh to go, 3sh to plan, another set of eyes for my TESC BSBA degree plan
  128. TESC Acceptance of UExcel with Expired Ace Approval?
  129. How to raise my GPA-TESC
  130. Help with TESC Evaluation
  131. transcript question
  132. Second COSC degree question
  133. BA in English @ TESC Online - HELP PLEASE!
  134. tesc cap-311
  135. Excelsior College - new exam - Introduction to Computer Programming Using Java
  136. Credit Totals Question For Excelsior
  137. Degree Plan for TESC BSBA in Marketing
  138. Straighterline
  139. TESC Degree Plan - BSBA Finance?
  140. Plan so far; soliciting comments
  141. TESC credits for licenses.
  142. DF gets a shout out from TESC blogger
  143. TESC ASNSM in Biology
  144. Environmental Ethics ETH-210 TECEP
  145. Applied to TESC for BA Psychology- How they will accept my transfer credits?
  146. Transcripts from excelsior to TESC
  147. Question about ECEs
  148. Math Track Question for BA Computer Science at TESC
  149. Did i miss the boat for September graduation?
  150. What happens if I couldnt take the TECP exam?
  151. Would TESC accept PF MKT 301 & BUS110 (Princ. of Mgmt)?
  152. Lots of credits, which college?
  153. New member, Excelsior student need help choosing exams. Long, very long.
  154. TESC BA Liberal Studies Help
  155. DSST Business Ethics & TESC Business In Society
  156. TESC BA Math AOS electives
  157. New school for wife suggestions.
  158. TESC AA Before BS
  159. Can that be right? Excelsior College MPA
  160. using pel grant and subsidized loans questions?/ taking courses question
  161. So far so Good....
  162. TESC Academic Evalution tool
  163. Apply for AA (all credits fulfilled) or wait to complete BS? Costs involved??
  164. COSC Capstone/Cornerstone cost?
  165. Does Excelsior accept TEEX?
  166. TESC Academic Evaluation help please
  167. TESC: Time to enroll?
  168. Data structures Midterm
  169. TESC: Can a Guided Study capstone course be completed/graded in less than 12 weeks?
  170. Accruing credits - Dumb question
  171. Degree planning
  172. TESC: Psychology of Women
  173. TESC: Converting Business degree to a 2nd degree in Computer Science
  174. Paramedic degree?
  175. Duplicate Credit TESC
  176. Does 2nd degree require 24 additional residency credits at TESC?
  177. TESC Students and English Comp II using CLEP
  178. Did this Excelsior Admissions Counselor just lie to me?
  179. So how does this graduation application thing work?
  180. Question about TESC Capstone
  181. Fastest, Cheapest and Easiest credit????
  182. BPS Technology Management Review
  183. Celebrate!
  184. Another Source of Credit
  185. Kaplan PLA Credits Transfer to COSC / Excelsior / TESC
  186. How do Thomas Edison and Excelsior present transfer credits on their transcripts ?
  187. TECEPs
  188. credit by exam to letter grade conversion at Excelsior
  189. PF International Business for TESC Business in Society/International Mgmt?
  190. TESC Fin Acct question
  191. Final TESC BSBA Questions
  192. Saylor Intro to Western Political Thought -- prereq??
  193. 200 at my school but 300 at big3
  194. Help CLEP/DSST testing for BSAST Degree in Information Technology
  195. Start date delayed...ideas?
  196. Microsoft certs, TESC, and ACE
  197. Getting back into the swing of things...TESC related
  198. TESC PLAs using Saylor courses
  199. Excelsior
  200. Excelsior Depth Requirements
  201. Charter Oak State College - New Degree in B.S. Business Administration
  202. DSST revisions
  203. Are the big three a "Four year college?"
  204. Degree Plan help
  205. Leave Of Abscence - now how do I graduate
  206. Second Degree at TESC - Need expert advice
  207. ┐Speaking to an actual person at TESC?
  208. I have to take *gasp* real classes !
  209. COSC and A&I Literature CLEP
  210. Ethics exam
  211. TESC BSBA Accounting degree plan review
  212. Straighterline Business Statistics?
  213. My "I'm Done!" Thread
  214. $1,000 Community College Transfer Scholarship at COSC
  215. Ethics in America
  216. TESC ASBA/BSBA Acct./Second BA/Fin. Aid.
  217. discussion about general education as it relates to CS education...and such
  218. discussion about general education as it relates to CS education...and such
  219. TESC Hopeful?
  220. Excelsior Nursing Program
  221. TESC & ECE Exam Scores Question
  222. Big Three and a Science Degree
  223. Has anyone taken Introduction To Critical Reasoning - TECEP?
  224. DSST Management Information Systems Upper Level or Lower Level at Charter Oak?
  225. Just Paid my Graduation Fee
  226. Strategic Management TECEP as TESC Liberal Studies Capstone?
  227. TECEP Exams/Business
  228. Need assistance on choosing program
  229. COSC Capstone questions. COSC psychology students/alumni please look.
  230. TESC course equiv problem
  231. Why Charter Oak State College is better than Thomas Edison State College
  232. TESC Residency?
  233. TESC myEdison planned outage Mar. 23-24th, with workaround link
  234. TESC BSBA General Education requirements?
  235. TESC Course equivalencies spreadsheet missing?
  236. Examples of successful PLAs for TESC
  237. TESC (Guided Study) LIB 495 Capstone - Are the textbooks needed?
  238. How long does it take TESC to recognize DSST credit?
  239. Degree Plan Review for BSBA at TESC
  240. Which CLEPs are applicable for a degree at TESC
  241. EXCELSIOR Capstone
  242. I'm Done!....Hopefully!
  243. World History Exams
  244. TESC BA in Natural Sciences Mathematics Plan
  245. ALEKS math courses that transfers to Excelsior
  246. TESC Personal and Social Responsibility
  247. TESC military credit evaluation tool
  248. COSC Information System Studies - Logic Req.
  249. TESC Statistics Class?
  250. cleps's, dsst's, sl's uxcel's...and lions and bears, oh my!