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  1. Oral Communication - TESC
  2. Operations Management TECEP
  3. Advertising TECEP
  4. Penn Foster Strategic Management
  5. Second BA questions
  6. capstone/fast degree
  7. Has anyone taken the english composition 2 tecep test?
  8. Looking for updated links on exam/course equivalencies for TESU
  9. Need to expedite my TESU degree because BABY (!!!)
  10. TESU graduation application and pending ACE credits
  11. Saylor Intro to Computer Science I Exam
  12. Enrolling COSC does anyone know if it will cost more>
  13. Graduation Approved - (Bonus - How I did it)
  14. Possible test-friendly TESU BA Psychology degree (after July 2015)
  15. Updated information concerning testing out
  16. TESU residency question
  17. CSU Global Cloud Computing & Big Data is now lower level at TESU
  18. TECEP transfer to CC
  19. Possible test-friendly TESU BA Sociology degree (after July 2015)?
  20. EC Capstone Registration - Do They List Professors?
  21. TESU Says That The Analyzing & Interpreting Literature CLEP Is Worth 6 Hours Again!
  22. I won my fight with COSC over CSU Global CBEs! Plus, they plan to offer CBEs.
  23. COSC questions
  24. WARNING...Straighterline Ethics duplicates DSST Business Ethics & Society at TESU
  25. CSU CBE - Transfer to TESC/TESU
  26. test friendlier - TESU BSBA Marketing or Management
  27. Sanatone's new after July 1, 2015, TESU BSBA Mgmt, Specialization (18 credits)
  28. Help to decide on TESU BSBA in Management OR Marketing
  29. International needs help
  30. TESU Math question
  31. TESU cost question
  32. Post July 2015 Test-Out Plans for TESU's BSBAs
  33. Advice On Finishing Up BA Liberal Arts Degree TESC
  34. Swapping DSSTs for SL– will I lose UL credits? (TESU)
  35. My ALEKS Experience and tips for newbies
  36. Upper Division Humanities Credits for TESU
  37. What happens if you take TECEp after term end date?
  38. COSC Lab Science
  39. TESC enrollment status advice
  40. TESU Academic Evaluation - Src Course # vs. TESC #
  41. TESC Social Science courses
  42. Any English UL course or test ideas?
  43. Ethics/CPCU and TESC
  44. Per-Credit Plan 24 Credits TESU
  45. TESU 1 general ed credit
  46. ASNSM Biology and BA Natural Science and Mathematics
  47. TESU: Add 2nd Comm AOS?
  48. did someone do AAS CJ and BA Psych at TESC?
  49. Looking for advice about finishing my degree
  50. TESU Enrolled Options Tuition Question
  51. newbie question regarding getting started
  52. Torah Public Speaking
  53. Does COSC still accept ALEKS?
  54. Yet Another Plan for BA Natural Science and Mathematics Degree- Need help
  55. My Ongoing Argument with COSC on CSU Global CBEs
  56. World Literature TESU BA English requirement
  57. Going for a TESU degree!
  58. TESU Associate Degree General Studies or Business Administration (Homeschool Senior)
  59. COSC help please
  60. TECEP Public Relations Advice Needed
  61. Thomas Edison - BSBA Finance ?s
  62. Degree plan check and COSC vs TESC
  63. TESU - What To Do With Evaluation Issue?
  64. TESU Social Science degree requirement question
  65. TESC wants emails to confirm outside courses used
  66. Need help with the best option
  67. My Experience - Excelsior vs. TESU
  68. TESU, GPA, & transcripts
  69. Help, pretty please! Confused about TESC BA- Social Science Degree plan and changes
  70. homeschooled teen - opinions wanted about TESU vs COSC
  71. TESU Per credit tuition to Enrolled tuition plan. BSBA General Management.
  72. anyone enrolled at TESC underage- homeschooler?
  73. American Government Straighterline book?
  74. Rethinking TESC, considering Excelsior: Degree Plan: BA Humanities (comm conc.)?
  75. Newbie questions about TESU BSBA Gen Mgmt
  76. Tor College - Research Methods in Psychology
  77. really stressing out about TESC lib arts capstone, in progress
  78. Received TESC Eval now what?
  79. TESU Starting a Doctorate in Nursing Practice
  80. TESU is Seeking ACBSP Accreditation
  81. CLEP vs. TECEP - Difficulty and Study Time
  82. ALEKS question: When can I request it to be put on ACE transcript?
  83. Study.com vs. Straighterline Microbiology +
  84. Sending Transcripts to TESU from Aleks
  85. Escalating Issues at TESC/TESU
  86. EC LA498 Capstone - Questions Regarding Essay Assignments
  87. Penn Foster -TESC
  88. 2016 TESC/TESU BA in History
  89. What kind of jobs can you get with a BA in Natural Science/Mathematics
  90. thinking about 2nd BA in Criminal Justice (1st is Psych) updated degree plan?
  91. Thomas Edison is officially a University!
  92. Second bachelors TESC
  93. Excelsior BS Lib Arts Question?
  94. TESC / SL Accounting
  95. TESC science lab req
  96. Tentative plan: Lib Arts TESC. whatcha think?
  97. I forgot I had gotten a D in a class. Does taking it at TESC replace grade?
  98. Two Degrees Help - Accounting to Grad in June - CIS Grad in Sept
  99. TESC FEL-199 course equivalency for Kaplan's LRC100: Documenting Your Experiences for
  100. Few questions, pretty new to this
  101. Sophia Conflict Resolution = TESC ?
  102. Examination to Course equivalency missing from TESC Site
  103. Thomas Edison State University
  104. Open book exam options for TESC?
  105. CS Degree plan
  106. Recent TESC and teex experience?
  107. TESC - how does the academic eval get updated?
  108. BSBA Gen management plan review.
  109. I'm Nervous - Advice?
  110. TESC -time limit?
  111. COSC Love
  112. How does theology, worldview, or missions transfer in at TESC?
  113. Accessing ProQuest, OpenAthens, Sage, Taylor & Francis, etc?
  114. TESC Upper Level requirements for business
  115. TESC BSBA Marketing Plan - Feedback, please?
  116. Need help formulating TESC BSBA plan
  117. TESC CISSP (Win!) and other security certifications
  118. TESC 2016 Info Lit Requirement - Technical Writing works
  119. Saylor - ACE approved, not listed thru TESC
  120. TESC Liberal Arts capstone - guided study mentors
  121. Tesc site
  122. TESC DSST Business and Society
  123. Math BA at COSC
  124. Communications vs Marketing? Which to choose.
  125. Oral Communication Waiver letter - COSC
  126. Help with questions before starting?
  127. TESC / Sophia
  128. Easy TECEPs to start with
  129. Second Bachelor's in Computer Science or BSBA at TESC
  130. TESC BSBA General Management Requirements
  131. Re-Enroll TESC (FEMA Credits)
  132. Credits for Certification at TESC
  133. Charter Oak preliminary transcript review!!! ....thoughts?
  134. EC - Pizza Hut Partnership
  135. TESC AAS Capstone becomes what in BSAST plan?
  136. Brand New here - Looking for some Direction
  137. Did I screw up enrolling for the ppc plan - TESC
  138. ALEKS Intro to Statistics
  139. TESC getting Office 365?
  140. Excelsior College coming out with three 300-level Genealogy courses!
  141. COSC Business Administration - Organizational Management
  142. TESC First Evaluation - Question / Advice
  143. TESC AA elective question
  144. Quickest diversity, Civic, and Ethics classes/tests to fulfill TESC degree?
  145. Thomas Edison Social Psychology 6 Credits
  146. which school will accept tested out AA
  147. Psychology BA Degree plan
  148. In need of quick Bachelors
  149. Best out of the Big 3 for Computer Science?
  150. TESC AA plan for your review
  151. help
  152. Which school/program is best for me
  153. MDS ramble ramble
  154. Abnormal Psych ECE warning with flashcards
  155. TESC BSBA-GM after 7/1/2015 UL Credits
  156. Am I done with Math? TESC
  157. Excelsior Degree Plan BPS in Business and Management
  158. Will an Associates Degree Satisfy Gen. Ed. at the Big 3?
  159. My Degree plan for History Degree for Excelsior
  160. Need Help With My Degree Plan Please! (COSC BSBA)
  161. Spanish credits - TESC
  162. Are there any degrees that do not req a capstone?
  163. ALEKS Intermediate Algebra & COSC/TESC
  164. EC's Capstone - LA498 - Help/Advice/Info Appreciated
  165. Have Transcripts and Preliminary Review at Excelsior -Would some one take a look?
  166. TESC Rug pulled out from under me, need best way to get 6 upper level CIS credits FAS
  167. TESC - BS in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
  168. TESC will be implementing a new application fee payment system.
  169. Degree from TESC?
  170. Graduation question - TESC - CLEP timing & Graduation
  171. TECEP / TESC tests + courses while living in China....?
  172. Tesc
  173. Finish in 4 months at TESC? Is this even possible? Help, please!
  174. question on Sanantone's BSBA Mgmt degree plan
  175. Doing things a little backwards at TESC?
  176. January 2016 TESC to TESU and my struggle to choose between TESC and COSC
  177. TESC BA in Natural Sciences/Mathematics
  178. TECEP residency credits
  179. Filmed a spot at TESC this morning
  180. Saylor course equivelency
  181. TESC has ACP courses with equivalencies on their website now!
  182. COSC Admissions question.
  183. Advertising TECEP math questions?
  184. Completed My Degree/Tips For You To Finish Yours!
  185. Tesc gpa
  186. New and Improved TESC BA Social Science plan. How does it look?
  187. COSC AA to TESC BA? Could it work? Here's my plan.
  188. Excelsior Appeal - Are They Ever Successful?
  189. Test out from degree - GPA?
  190. When to enroll at TESC?
  191. TECEP Principles of Managerial Accounting Advice
  192. TECEP Strategic Management Advice
  193. TECEP Public Relations Advice
  194. TECEP Advertising Advice
  195. TECEP Financial Institutiions and Markets Advice
  196. TESC GPA Policy
  197. CLEP / DSST / ECE transcript costs?
  198. questions about TESC and financial aid
  199. using EdX Freshman Academy courses
  200. Which Major at TESC? BSBA in Finance or General Management?
  201. Are my credits too old to transfer?
  202. TESC Question
  203. TESC transcribe VESi-graduate credits as UL credit towards BA?
  204. TESC fall issue of invention
  205. New Open Course Option at TESC
  206. Advice Please
  207. NEWBIE......evaluation TESC General Management
  208. My TESC BSBA Marketing revised plan!
  209. Arts and Sciences UL Credit - Excelsior
  210. Registering for CE @ TECEP
  211. Help Needed with BS/BA in Marketing Degree Plan
  212. Anyone dealt with the COSC BS Liberal Studies?
  213. Need To Get Back On Track
  214. BSLS, History/Psych Degree Plan and Transferring to B&M Grad School
  215. Official eval..finally..! Excelsior..Update
  216. Will TESC accept English Comp I with a C-?
  217. Somebody help. I'm new.
  218. TESC capstone vs. Charter Oak Capstone
  219. Business Admin COSC question
  220. What is my problem?!
  221. Only person enrolled in TESC Class
  222. Excelsior vs TESC - Marketing? Dual Degree? Halp :(
  223. TESC Capstone Question
  224. Just Finished at Excelsior! BS Liberal Arts. Need guidance for the next degree
  225. Changing Capstone topic
  226. EAS 101 class
  227. need help
  228. GEN ED CLASSES TESC- need to finish asap
  229. PF Strategic Management TESC
  230. TESC Capstone Mentor?
  231. TESC Degree question
  232. SL Business Ethics Final Exam?
  233. Need help finding inexpensive classes for some of the following, please
  234. Public Relations TECEP study resource
  235. TECEP->CLEP Equivalency Question
  236. Charter Oak Question regarding Pel Grant and only 60 credits.
  237. *Excelsior Alert* DSST "Here's To Your Health" Temporarily Back As Upper Level!
  238. ENGX-110-College Writing Excelsior Exam
  239. JTP’s COSC Cyber Security Update/Accountability Thread
  240. Question regarding Graduate Program in Marketing at SMU Cox School of Business
  241. TESC Capstone - 96 credits
  242. ...still waiting on EC official eval
  243. Another person who needs help deciding on schools <advice please>!
  244. TECEP grading - how long does it take?
  245. Degree Path question?
  246. Historical Methods/Historiography New TESC History Requirement as of July 2015
  247. Degree Plan Help using DAU courses
  248. Thinking about changing my degree plan to BA in social sciences. Long Post.
  249. Any alternative to TESC Capstone?
  250. TESC Personal/Social Responsibility