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  1. If you have spoken with helpful people at TESC, can you share their names?
  2. Help, Saylor not on TESC Eval
  3. Can science courses "for non-majors" be used toward excelsior's BS in Natural Science
  4. Financial Management 101:Penn Foster = TESC Principles of Finance FIN-301???
  5. want to test out of degree
  6. TESC Sales Case Analysis.
  7. Straighter line Physics 1 transfer to tesc
  8. Do any of the big three list "honors" on the actual diploma?
  9. Mini-Rant on Excelsior
  10. Fundamentals of Counseling DSST as upper credit at TESC?
  11. Great news
  12. Upper level Finance req for TESC BSBA question / preferences
  13. Literacy Instruction in the Elementary School
  14. COSC GRE Questions
  15. GPA TESC PLA 1 credit course
  16. TECEP Semester Testing Question
  17. TESC Social Science Degree Plan Help
  18. Finally received my assessment from TESC :-)
  19. Charter Oak Admissions Chat
  20. Excelsior Capstone
  21. Psych Majors - HELP!
  22. Charter Oak vs TESC
  23. Excelsior English Composition.
  24. TESC test results - TECEP Fed Income Tax
  25. Don't listen to TESC's phone reps. This is how the Per Credit Tuition Plan works.
  26. Should I Petition the Registrar Over My Computer Application Credit?
  27. My Capstone course, which is also my last course, is now done!
  28. Straighterline courses that are not on the Excelsior course equivalency list
  29. COSC website down
  30. Confirmation Of Areas To Test Out Of
  31. Received Academic Evaluation From TESC-Need Advice
  32. TESC BSBA CIS degree plan using Saylor Equivalent and Aligned courses
  33. My TESC Evaluation Is Here: Please Help
  34. Charter Oak needs to update its tuition comparison
  35. Enrolled Option vs Pay Per Credit at TESC
  36. Excelsior Official Evaluation for BSBA missing Straighterline courses
  37. Personal finance SL or DSST for TESC BSBA
  38. TECEPs through ProctorU - what's the verification process like? + mic recommendations
  39. Thomas Edison College President: Proposed Higher Education
  40. Do Ethics exams overlap at TESC?
  41. Has anyone taken 8 TECEPs?
  42. Confused-Excelsior Evaluation
  43. Am I missing something with regards to COSC? Need opinions please.
  44. Second BSBA a TESC?
  45. TESC Associates
  46. Simultaneously enrolled in two colleges (not community)?
  47. Intermediate Algebra
  48. which of big 3 and which degree w/ 126 credits? help!
  49. Please vote on these options to help me finish up!
  50. Any Other Possible Tests To Test Out Of?
  51. Help me work this out, please. BA or BS w/ Concentration in Paralegal Studies
  52. Does Excelsior Area Of Focus reflect on BA Degree
  53. TESC "Mass Communications I" online course: good choice
  54. Psych degree plan COSC....help??
  55. My results of the CP (Certified Paralegal) credential evaluation at Charter Oak
  56. Question about TESC and TEEX credits
  57. TESC Introduction to Political Science
  58. Capstone HELP!
  59. COSC Accepts Straighterline for Oral Comm Requirement
  60. A list of grad schools that have accepted graduates of the Big 3.
  61. DSST received by TESC but not present in degree
  62. Upper Level Test Options for Liberal Studies at TESC
  63. Best way to study for MAT121 at TESC?
  64. How does TESC transcribe Straighterline's accounting courses?
  65. Writer's Block re: Research Paper for COSC's Cornerstone
  66. timing? ideas? help! sorry for the long post
  67. Planning SL courses @ TESC
  68. TESC June Graduation
  69. Is TESC a good choice?
  70. Got jacked up by Excelsior, I'm in a bad head space, please help with new degree plan
  71. TECEP - Grade in Academic Evaluation
  72. Sophia learning/TESC
  73. A chapter closes... (My "I'm done" post)
  74. Do you prefer to be challenged or just sail through getting your degree?
  75. TESC switching from Per Credit to Enrolled
  76. using grad courses as upper level undergrad credit
  77. Need advice - Excelsior BSB MIS (some past credit)
  78. TESC Bachelors in liberal studies
  79. Need assistance with TESC BALS
  80. Penn Foster-HRM 355 "Training Concepts"; any body taken this ?? Please reply !!
  81. TESC Academic Eval question - what happens to credits transferred after applying...
  82. Excelsior Price Increase
  83. Strategic Management - help compile a FAQ
  84. COSC Transferred my Humanities Art under Humanities Clep but only gave me 2 credits??
  85. Got accepted to TESC- Confused about the Enrolled option
  86. It all makes sense now.
  87. Advertising TECEP - how important is getting the latest book for it?
  88. TESC: From ASBA to BSBA - When to enroll?
  89. Taurusda1
  90. TESC BSBA - Sanity Check as I hit the home stretch:)
  91. Question Re: TESC Classes in Div/Global Lit, Res. Ethical Lead. and Per. & Soc. Resp.
  92. BSBA CIS Specialization and 100-level Courses
  93. TESC BSBA - need help evaluating TECEP approach for residency
  94. Professional License and courses evaulation for college credit @ Thomas Edison
  95. TESC Public Speaking Requirement?
  96. COSC Graduation
  97. HELP - TESC transcript eval received (attached) - what now?
  98. DSST / CLEP score posting timeline
  99. Question about transfer credits to TESC
  100. Trouble with my.tesc.edu?
  101. Ace credit transcript
  102. Uexcel Exam Credit Transfer to TESC
  103. Even without FEMA, you can still complete the BSBA at TESC for less than $3,000!
  104. need help asap with degree plan for excelsior college
  105. Even without FEMA, a BA in Liberal Studies at TESC is still cheap!
  106. TESC BSBA - knocking out residency requirements through TECEPs/easy classes
  107. Requesting guidance for completing a BSBA through TESC on the heals of a BA in Psych
  108. Tesc changed their requirements - anyone figure out the clep equivalents?
  109. BA in Comp Sci degree questions
  110. Online Credit Evaluation
  111. Apply To Excelsior for Free With Questionnaire Email
  112. TESC suspends acceptance of FEMA
  113. fastest Associate's degree with 57 credits
  114. COSC Transfer of Credits Done - Questions Regarding 5 Classes Left
  115. TESC Strategic Management TECEP
  116. DONE! I can't believe it!
  117. generic degree from COSC or TESC
  118. Excelsior TECH-201 Foundations of Technology Problem Solving - Review
  119. MY, I DID IT!! thread
  120. TESC BSBA General Management CLEP/DSST Degree Plan
  121. TESC math
  122. Application to TESC is in & paid for!
  123. COSC to TESC
  124. Excelsior BSEET - Small Change with Major Implications
  125. TESC BALS Degree Plan Assistance
  126. Letter of Recommendation from COSC, EC or TESC?
  127. Screwed by TESC in the 11th hour
  128. National Education Alliance Counseling Center
  129. TESC - Overage + "Other Courses" question (BSBA - General Management)
  130. EC degrees that can be tested out of?
  131. Easiest Tests/Substitutes for these TESC courses?
  132. How to Complete a BA at TESC for Less than University of the People
  133. How to Complete a Business Degree at TESC for Less than University of the People
  134. Question, Credit by Examiniation, TESC Credit Limit restriction.
  135. Excelsior not accepting Penn Foster
  136. EC or Charter Oak for Information Technology Bachelors Degree (Accelerated)
  137. Penn Foster to TESC
  138. What to do about old business/accounting credits?
  139. TESC Application Fee Payment Methods?
  140. Microsoft isn't accepting student ID # from Excelsior
  141. TESC Registration/Evaluation Accuracy Question
  142. Uexcel Tests
  143. TESC course exams vs. CLEP/DSST/ECE?
  144. New TECEP for CIS-107 Computer Concepts and Applications !
  145. TECEP study resources (BSBA - General Management)
  146. Does Charter Oak grant 3rd degrees?
  147. TESC FEMA Credit
  148. It's Here....
  149. Excelsior BSIT Degree plan?
  150. Excelsior, Financial Aid problems. Is anyone else experiencing difficulty?
  151. Sophia Introduction to Art History for Literature and Fine Arts Requirement at COSC?
  152. Max ALEKS credit use TESC BSBA General Management
  153. What would you do? Need your advice . . . .
  154. Diary of a Dream - My Journey to Getting a BS BA
  155. TESC BSBA Capstone -- TECEP or Penn Foster
  156. Managerial Accounting=Accounting II?
  157. Advertising TECEP
  158. CLEP, then enroll w/Excelsior? Or enroll first?
  159. Requirement for BSAST in Information technology (TESC) question.
  160. DANTES Scoring system
  161. Looking to check soundness of plan
  162. Anyone take Penn Fosters Employee Benefits and Training Concepts HRM courses ????
  163. TESC's "New" Open Course Option
  164. Excelsior Associate in Applied Science - Technical Studies (Computer Technologies)
  165. TESC BALS Degree - 100% Online - No Test Out Plan
  166. Are StraighterLine courses included in Excelsior GPA?
  167. Is CMP-354 Network Technology at TESC a Natural Science course or not?
  168. Anyone taken TESC's "International Relations" online class?
  169. Questions about TESC classes (pursuing BSAST Degree in Information Technology)
  170. CAn you use paper with a TECEP
  171. Omg... I am really getting discouraged with TESC customer support... Am I alone?
  172. Should I add the AAS ESST to my graduation packet??
  173. TESC BSBA-General Question
  174. Help with degree plan
  175. Focusing on establishing GPA for Law School
  176. So Excited On A Monday
  177. Would appreciate feedback for direction
  178. TESC Age Reqirement - 21 Or Older
  179. HELP!! BA in Humanities With Concentration in Communication Degree Plan (EC)
  180. Operations Management TECEP
  181. Something I Just Heard..
  182. Question About Graduating From TESC
  183. How to get a GPA *quickly* at any of the Big 3?
  184. The Story Of Human Language
  185. COSC AS planning questions...
  186. Does it matter what degree I get before pursuing a Masters in Security Studies?
  187. Which college do you choose and why?
  188. Straighterline transcript to Thomas Edison
  189. Computer Course Credits - overlap?
  190. Need help on how to get started
  191. Most lucrative Masters Degree
  192. Ed-Couragement - Paralyzed local man earns degree with his eyes Excelsior
  193. Suggestions on filling final 9 TESC BSBA MGMT Credits
  194. Just Applied to TESC...Matters Arising?
  195. Are Graduate credits counted as Upper Level at the big 3
  196. Another "DONE!" Post
  197. Project Management requirement
  198. BS or BA in Liberal Studies at TESC Gameplan... I think I have it figured out?
  199. Withdrawal from my class?
  200. E packs final TESC
  201. Real sad
  202. Question on registering for TECEP at TESC
  203. Test Out Options for TESC's General Education Requirements
  204. New Nearly 100% Test out Plans for Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, and CIS
  205. What is the benefit of removing transferred credits from your permanent record?
  206. COSC limits the amount of credits you can take with the cornerstone.
  207. Feedback on TESC's Managerial or Business Communications Class
  208. Show us your big 3 degree.
  209. Nuclear engineering technology & homeland security question
  210. TESC Question
  211. Req for GPA at TESC - Can Online or Guided Study?
  212. I'm DONE!!!!!!!
  213. TESC & SL passing grade
  214. The Fast Track Approach with TESC vs 4 years + Paid Internships? (Computer Science)
  215. I received this from Yale's Eli Whitney Students Program for nontraditional students.
  216. process?
  217. FEMA Question
  218. TESC Equivalencies Spreadsheet
  219. Working on a Spreadsheet - How are Aleks transcribed at TESC
  220. Need some feedback on possible changing degree at TESC
  221. Searching for a previous post containing an interactive degree xls sheet.
  222. How long does it take to receive the certified letter of graduation from TESC?
  223. Are there legal courses for credit or test-outs available?
  224. UPenn with TESC degree! The success continues! NO JOKE!
  225. Excelsior Nursing LPN to RN Student
  226. TESC Rookie Questions
  227. Grad timing at TESC
  228. TESC History Degree Plan
  229. TESC service is terrible
  230. Received Evaluations from TESC and COSC - looks like greek to me. Help please.
  231. COSC Recorded Incorrect CLEP Score
  232. TESC - Italian worker living in China - and the dream to get an US Degree
  233. TESC Do I need to enroll before taking CLEP/DSST?
  234. TESC - BA CS, BSAST IT, or BSBA CIS???
  235. Do you do the AA first at TESC then corresponding BS?
  236. TESC SA&D project rubric, needed ASAP
  237. TESC BSBA in General Management - can someone help me organize my current credits?
  238. I'm wondering....
  239. Help Plan TESC - (BSAST) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  240. cost of TESC degree with 117 hours of CBE and transferred courses
  241. BA Computer Science TESC Course Sequence
  242. Credit for Microsoft exam: Server 2008 R2 Virtualization
  243. ALEKS or SL for begining journey
  244. Looking back....
  245. College math CLEP after Calculus at TESC?
  246. Charter Oak (COSC) pathways exams
  247. Public Relations Thought and Practice TECEP
  248. TECEP Federal Income Taxation
  249. WHEN should I apply to COSC? Still finishing up at a tech school
  250. BSBA CIS 1 Upper Course Needed!