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  1. Hi! I'm new & need help planning for org leadership ba PLEASE HELP
  2. Starting TESC
  3. Fort Hays Graduate Tuition
  4. Hi! Im New. Looking into getting my BA or BA. Any Advice Helpful! (Transcript posted)
  5. New to Credit by Exam - I need help with TESC BA Social Science
  6. DSST - Fundamentals of Cybersecurity no longer valid for ACE credit. Alternatives?
  7. TESC Seeking University Status in NJ
  8. TESC Adviser Confusion
  9. TESC Software Engineering Book - Cheap
  10. Rough draft for degree plan
  11. TESC Saylor Pathway to ASBA
  12. Sociology/Social Sciences Degree Planning at TESC
  13. Best path given existing hours?
  14. School name changes
  15. Help with TESC plan
  16. TESC Application, Enrollment & Credit Evaluation
  17. TESC BA History Plan. Please review and recommend classes to fill in the gaps?
  18. Excelsior - working my last nerve!! One more thing and I'm moving to TESC.
  19. TESC vs Excelsior for Liberal Studies, Psychology/Health
  20. TESC enrollment ends with graduation date
  21. DSST Exams To Be Retired
  22. Aleks Intro to Stats... Is it UL at Excelsior????
  23. New EASY option for Excelsior Information Literacy
  24. I am Done! TESC BSBA
  25. TESC will not transfer RA universities courses.
  26. Excelsior vs. thomas edison which is best for me?
  27. Heres to your health DSST
  28. Checking my options
  29. Do I Need the Optional Essay for DSST Technical Writing at COSC
  30. What degree is for me?
  31. TESC aviation maintenance bachelor
  32. Crafting a custom concentration in COSC
  33. excelsior - fema credits for Bachelors of Science in Liberal arts
  34. TESC Free Credits
  35. Bachelor's degree plan
  36. Absolute Newbie here!Please help with my Degree Plan. BSBA General Management TESC
  37. Does Tech Writing satisfies TESC ENC-102 English Composition II
  38. (TESC) GPA Calculation
  39. Teaching English in Japan
  40. Systems Engineering and Systems Analysis and Design
  41. TESC Software Engineering Assignment Example
  42. (TESC) Is it normal for a mentor to skip work you've submitted in the class?
  43. How to purchase a DSST exam?
  44. Here is my Transcript from CC. what would be my fastest route to a bachelors fr. TESC
  45. TESC GPA Achieved/Needed
  46. TESC - Aviation
  47. Just finished TESC class; how long does it take to get grades posted?
  48. When to enroll for someone just starting out
  49. Environmental Ethics ETH-210-TE Tecep
  50. Should I enroll or not?
  51. TESC - Application for Graduation Question
  52. changing to Excelsior
  53. Official List of CBEs for TESC's General Education Requirements
  54. Baby girl getting started
  55. help planning Assoc. business from tesc
  56. TESC BA Comp Sci - Network Technology TECEP
  57. TESC Operating Systems vs Computer Architecture
  58. ASNSM in Mathematics requirements
  59. Can you even obtain a BA from excelsior anymore only by exams. Confused here
  60. Introduction to Comp Sci (Saylor) & Intro to Programming C++ (Straighterline)
  61. Question about TESC graduation
  62. TESC, ACE, and Poli Sci
  63. TESC BA Mathematics General Education Requirements
  64. Transferring ALL credits?
  65. Number of Exams to get Bachelor's Degree/COSC Burbuja0512's Degree Plan
  66. Charter Oak Advising Worksheet and degree plan help
  67. EC - The BA/BS Difference
  68. Can Someone Help With My Skeleton of a Plan?
  69. For A Health and Human Services Degree at TESC
  70. TESC School of Business and Management courses...
  71. IT Degree options. TESC BSBA in Computer Information Systems vs. ?
  72. Physics for BSAST
  73. COSC PLA- Bummer!
  74. (TESC) Academic Advising issues with acceptable responsibility credit
  75. 2nd concentration at COSC
  76. New edition textbook cheaper? (TESC, English Composition II)
  77. Can someone help me make sense of my Charter Oak Advising Worksheet
  78. TESC Sigma Beta Delta question...
  79. Please Critique My Degree Plan
  80. Class size differences in TESC
  81. Cost of TESC with Capstone only to do
  82. Teex at tesc!
  83. EC - Credit Transfer From Prior EC Degree - Loyalty Pays Off!
  84. Degree Plan help for Bachelors in criminal justice
  85. New to Credit by Exam
  86. Excelsior - ALEKS and Straighter Line question..
  87. TESC Schedule code - what does it mean??
  88. Strategic Management TECEP
  89. Second Degree Thoughts
  90. Western Civilization I & II CLEP
  91. TESC - Software Engineering Question
  92. I'm Done!
  93. Update Info - EC's Info Literacy
  94. COSC and Straighterline
  95. TESC Approve Straighterline Courses?
  96. Straighterline or Propero or Sophia?
  97. Problem Using Excelsior College Degree Outside United States
  98. Psychology of Women-TECEP
  99. Javaonline.org Courses and TESC
  100. ECE English Composition
  101. When does a week start/end in a regular TESC class?
  102. Instacert/Sayors?TESC
  103. Opinions - Best Place to take EC's Info Literacy Course Requirement
  104. Young student need help
  105. I actually graduate tomorrow - conferral done!
  106. Frederick, FEMA AND Thomas Edison
  107. So close I can feel yet so far
  108. Equivalencies for Biology Uexcels at TESC
  109. NYU language exam and TESC bsba
  110. TECEP exams
  111. Political Science TECEP
  112. Excelsior???
  113. Excelsior - Penn Foster UL classes?
  114. Realistic goal to graduate in March? TESC BSBA eval provided...
  115. Sister #1's TESC BSBA Marketing plan
  116. Straighterline courses and credit for TESC
  117. Pulling the trigger for TESC
  118. Charter Oak concentration
  119. Transfer credits from Columbia Southern University to Excelsior
  120. Need clarification on TESC credits policy
  121. Starting!
  122. Aleks process with TESC
  123. 11 SL courses down, what degree would be best?
  124. TECEP for Marriage and Family and Technical Writing
  125. Kind of worried about TESC and my credits
  126. # of credits for each class/test in TESC BS/BA Management
  127. TESC BSBA Help (again)
  128. EC's Required Orientation (CCS100 Student Experience) - Question
  129. Anyone else taken the Psychology of Women TECEP? How was it?
  130. Hello to everyone. Plus questions.
  131. How can I find the details syllabus in TESC BSBA Accounting
  132. TESC Current Trends ?
  133. Capstone for AAS ESST ... seeking insight
  134. Question about Aleks, SL Credit transfer
  135. Need advice on TESC BSBA Accounting degree plan
  136. need a plan for a BS degree
  137. two courses to go - need good options bsba tesc
  138. I'm done, I'm done, I'm done!!! WOOOHOOOOO!
  139. Does Excelsior, COSC, or TESC Accept DOCNET Courses?
  140. Here Are My TESC Diplomas!!!!
  141. New UExcel/ECE Content Guides
  142. Anyone heard of OERu?
  143. TESC BSBA mgmt - CLEP, Uexcel, and DSST & TECEPs, Saylor, Strighterline
  144. which tests in Sanantone's TESC BSBA in Mgmt can be taken online vs onsite
  145. Question about TECEP Exam and grduation process time
  146. My IT Journey
  147. In Need of TESC Capstone books
  148. Questions about none-US Credit assessment
  149. Does the TESC Business Diploma Indicate Area of Study? Please Help and Thank You
  150. Credit source with Thomas Edison & EXcelsior Degree transcript
  151. Need to Hire Degree plan expert for BS or BA at Thomas Edison TESC
  152. What to take to make this requirement? Technical Writing (ENG-201) for TESC?
  153. To those Attending TESC Commencement, Congratulations.
  154. TESC and FAFSA
  155. TESC Liberal Arts - Plan done but need input:
  156. For a young student just starting out, which of the top three is the best choice?
  157. Oh my garsh overwhelmed with what to do for my kids for each of their degrees?- HELP
  158. TECEP Recommended Texts
  159. TECEP Sales Management
  160. Cosc Info Systems Capstone
  161. College-aged students at TESC
  162. Paying for Cleps/Maximizing student loans
  163. Bachelor's to Master's Program at TESC
  164. TESC AA to BA question?
  165. EC/UExcel Research Methods in Psych - How "Math-y" Is It?
  166. Leave of Absence to Per Credit Tuition!
  167. Upper level accounting financial or mangerial for excelsior college!
  168. Saylor Calculus I
  169. Congratulations from TESC to the Newest Alumnus :)
  170. Ohio lsu byu penn foster flexible upper level bus credit options excelsior college
  171. New to site- NEED help
  172. Degree Delayed Because of Clerical Error
  173. Is TESC Pursuing University Status?
  174. BSAST Degree in Information Technology@ TESC - NEED help & guidance
  175. BA in Liberal Studies TESC - HELP, guidance
  176. TESC BA in Criminal Justice. Need a Advisor/Mentor
  177. TESC System Analysis and Design - Mentor Review
  178. TESC PLA via Coursera?
  179. TESC HLS 410 Counter-Terrorism: Constitutional & Legislative Issues REVIEW
  180. CPS Not Required for Some Concentrations
  181. Thomas Edison State College Upper level Accounting Credit - HELP!
  182. TECEP PSY-270 Psychology of Women confirmed as a PSR elective
  183. TECEP Technical writing online or pen and paper?
  184. TESC BSBA General Management Degree Plan Help
  185. Transferring from Excelsior to COSC or TESC
  186. TESC Residency
  187. Has Anyone done the BS or BA in Cybersecurity at COSC?
  188. Just turned in my final assignment
  189. Need Help with Excelsior Roadmap BSL
  190. TESC online courses vs guided study
  191. My TESC academic evaluation finally came back!
  192. TESC- Double Major- BA Communications and ??
  193. Excelsior: What happens when I'm done with all my credits?
  194. BS Business Admin. Multiple Concentrations
  195. Please help me arrange my TESC Plan for BSBA in General Management
  196. How do I actually get started?
  197. No Speech needed for Principles of Public Speaking at TESC!!!
  198. TECEP Abnormal Psychology
  199. TESC ASBA and BSBA Marketing concurrently... suggestions?
  200. Social Science Degree Help
  201. It is finished. My degree was conferred.
  202. ProctorU website/scheduling slow/different - Did something change recently?
  203. Straighterline UL at TESC?
  204. Excelsior Upper level credit
  205. Opinion on Excelsior accepting these credits?
  206. TESC BS HSEP Electives
  207. Finished TESC Capstone!
  208. COSC Psychology
  209. Advice for college age and high school home schooler?
  210. Question for COSC graduates - degree conferral date falls on weekend?
  211. TESC Leave of Absence?
  212. Tesc BSBA progress check
  213. TESC degree plan help? Should I transfer asap?
  214. TESC 2014 Commencement
  215. Ready to Enroll in Excelsior's BA Program - Have Questions - Help Appreciated
  216. TECEP clarification needed
  217. Difficulty choosing courses
  218. TECEP and College Residency Requirement
  219. TESC second degree - does capstone count in new 24 hours in area of study?
  220. TESC Liberal Arts Capstone help
  221. How to Completely Test Out of Excelsior College BSBA - General Business Degree Plan
  222. Seeking Help Preparing For BSBA General Management from Tesc
  223. A Mix of RA Credit and International Credit = Degree?
  224. A greeting, and request for help!
  225. Petition: Excelsior Needs to Drop Its Partnership with Pearson
  226. Free Test Prep Materials for TECEP® Exams
  227. Excelsior's Policy regarding SL Credits?
  228. CMA certification by IMANET
  229. Raise GPA? TESC Student
  230. Request for TESC Degree Plan Modification
  231. Microsoft certifications = free electives?
  232. Help explain TESC Eval Please?
  233. Aleks restart
  234. Aleks Help Please!!!!!
  235. Question about Excelsior courses
  236. (TESC) Managerial Communication Textbook: Does it come with anything else?
  237. Does this TESC BA in natural science/math look right? Thanks:)
  238. PennFoster Intro to Java
  239. Excelsior Biology Degree and Transferring to University for Medical Technology
  240. Math requirement for AS technology (excelsior)
  241. Recent problem taking TECEP and how it was overcome
  242. How COSC's semesters are structured
  243. Last bit of advice before I commit
  244. FREE Course on Creating PLA Portfolio for TESC from Saylor
  245. Which Big 3???
  246. TECEP English Composition I
  247. Suggest a TECEP!
  248. Please Help! Need Fast Credits
  249. Test Out Plan for TESC's BA in Biology
  250. Looking to become a new student of Charter Oak -- Need Help