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  1. Another PF/TESU question
  2. Excelsior and Sophia Offer 20% Discount on Excelsior Degree Programs
  3. A little premature, but I wanted to thank you all
  4. COSC Global Understanding
  5. Do I have enough electives for 2016 TESU BSBA?
  6. Marriage and Family TECEP
  7. Question about transferring Microeconomics course to COSC
  8. TESU change to enrollment extension creates a problem for me
  9. Liberal Arts degree : upper level exam suggestion
  10. COSC & TESU : Two Degree Options
  11. A tad annoyed with TESU website
  12. [TESU] Evaluation - Help Planning the rest
  13. TESU Writing Assignments
  14. Charter Oak BUS 499: Business Administration Capstone Question
  15. Community college vs tesu financial aid related question.
  16. HUGE Question about TESU Academic Evaluations...
  17. Programming Class
  18. What class/credit can I do to fulfill GPA requirement for TESU
  19. Degree Plan Help - COSC vs TESU
  20. Maybe one more corse needed. Can anybody help me out?
  21. Seeking advice about salvaging the capstone class
  22. TESU Western Religions Online
  23. TESU experiences an Operating Loss every year.
  24. Need help : BA in liberal studies Academic Evaluation next steps
  25. Need guidance for GMS Required area - TESU
  26. TESU's acceptance of external strategic management
  27. Review of Micreconomics TECEP
  28. SL Business Communication
  29. myEdisonŽ Student Portal Migration Postponed
  30. TECEP Public Relations Thought and Practice
  31. Excelsior: Information Literacy and Research and Writing
  32. general education electives
  33. [TESU] BA in Computer Science, need help with planning
  34. [TESU] Online Student Services going down way too frequently
  35. How do I receive credit for Kaplan PLA course?
  36. HELP!! Need Bachelors in 1 year!
  37. Sending Transcripts to TESU: Which Address?
  38. Penn Foster Question
  39. TEEX classes
  40. [TESU] Residency Waiver fee for per credit tuition plan
  41. Tesu proctoring
  42. TESU SocSci course question
  43. Please Review my COSC Associates Degree Plan
  44. Intro to Criminal Justice DSST transfer to TESU question
  45. TESU PLA Using Saylor CS Courses?
  46. Class Suggestions witih list
  47. Advising needed Military
  48. Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics (TECEP MAT-105)
  49. TESU general education electives question, academic eval
  50. FYI - Saylor Business Stats still transfers in as OPM at TESU
  51. Straighterline, TESU, and Upper Level
  52. COSC and College Composition CLEP
  53. The end of my BA.SS is finally in sight!
  54. [TESU]Does the free CPCU Ethics course duplicate Business Ethics from StraighterLine?
  55. Dual Degrees from Different Schools...
  56. Need some advice... Would I be better off at COSC?
  57. Confused about TESU new reqs. Should I signup late reg/enroll now?
  58. Classes at TESU
  59. New Program at Excelsior: Professional and Technical Writing
  60. I'm finally a college grad!
  61. TESU Enrollment Options??
  62. Thomas Edison State University Signals Student Newsletter
  63. Good review for Liberal Arts Mathematics
  64. Comptia Certs for Credits with TESU?
  65. Operations Management - BSBA
  66. TECEP Exchange
  67. TESU Liberal Arts Capstone mentor feedback
  68. Question about COSC admission
  69. Penn Foster - Financial Management - - - - -I need some help !!!
  70. Updated degree plan check
  71. TESU- becoming enrolled
  72. TESU Resiency Requirement for those in MDCP
  73. Computer Concepts and Applications TECEP
  74. [TESU] Academic Evaluation turn-around time
  75. TECEP Registration
  76. LDR-422 Leadership in a Global Environment
  77. TESU - BSBA Plan Review Help?
  78. Which of the 3 schools is best for testing out of?
  79. COSC information systems evaluation.
  80. Planning on enrolling to Charter Oak for my Bachelors in Business
  81. Enrollment with Capstone or 400+ Before Credit Evaluation?
  82. Trying to apply at TESU
  83. TESU GPA Requirement
  84. College composition modular (TESU)
  85. question about enrollment TESU/failing a TECEP
  86. [TESU EMAIL] Clarification on Per Credit Plan Residency Requirements
  87. TESU New Catalog 2017
  88. Can someone please review my degree plan?
  89. Penn Foster Articulation Agreement with COSC
  90. [TESU] Need easy/quick course recommendations I can complete online at TESU
  91. Consortium Agreement
  92. How to File a Complaint Against TESU
  93. [TESU] Re-enrollment process
  94. TESU and Excelsior: how many credits from Straighterline do they accept?
  95. TESU CLEP/DSSTs Accepted?
  96. My TESU Liberal Arts Capstone Experience
  97. TESU Guided Study Capstone Question
  98. TECEP Registration Question
  99. TESU CIS area of study
  100. New to the game... looking for some guidance!
  101. Help Me Plan Out My Bachelors for Criminal Justice at TESU
  102. UL Social Science suggestions (TESU)?
  103. Penn Foster Strategic Management
  104. TESU admissions is sloooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww....
  105. TESU B.S.B.A. Plan question
  106. Double BA in Natural Science & Maths / Homeland Security & Disaster Preparedness?
  107. Thomas Edison in high school
  108. Immediate TESU enrollment?!?
  109. Do StraighterLine Courses Get A Letter Grade When Transfered to TESU?
  110. TESU New Requirements & Certifications
  111. How are TEEX courses applied at TESU?
  112. Failing a TECEP
  113. TESU Residency Requirement
  114. English 114 Professional Research and Reporting. How will TESU classify this?
  115. New to this and have a few questions
  116. Teceps are now $114
  117. TESU: Strategic Mangement from Penn Foster denied?
  118. TESU changing their catalog date to April 1!
  119. TESU 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16 Catalog - TECEP's meet residency requirements
  120. NAU PL CIT BS then masters?
  121. TESU Enrollment Length After Graduation
  122. TESU Oral Communications
  123. Enrolled Option Gone From the Tuition Comparison Chart
  124. TESU Enrolled Status
  125. TESU Class Schedule / Workload/ To much ?
  126. Help with TESU, no idea what's going on
  127. Criminal Justice DSST, TESU Gen Ed
  128. How much will a BSBA now cost at TESU?
  129. Finished & I would be remiss not to drop in and say Thanks!
  130. TESU exceptions for reqs
  131. Halfway there. Need help with plan TESU BSBA Gen Mgmt
  132. graduation question
  133. New TESU Residency Requirement!!! 16cr, TECEP's do not count?!?
  134. Penn Foster Business Courses
  135. TESU Cornerstone coming MAY 2016
  136. TESC, after a year of no activity my college credits have been deleted
  137. Has anyone take Penn Foster's HRM-320 - - -"Employee Benefits" ????
  138. Penn Foster at COSC?
  139. New degree plan on the wiki - TESC ASBA
  140. Ashford University Experience? Especially Linguistics
  141. Guided study or online course
  142. Charter Oak Approved Straighterline Classes
  143. Figuring out which degree I could complete faster at COSC
  144. COSC gen ed classes, from SL or credit by testing
  145. pluggingalong COSC Cyber Security progress thread
  146. Taco Bell partners with Excelsior College
  147. Principles of Finance
  148. Fresh Start on BSBA Finance. How do I strategize for future?
  149. UEXCEL retakes
  150. What Can I Use FEMA Credits For Now?
  151. Question About Applying For Graduation - TESU
  152. TESU Certification Letter
  153. Saylor Credit
  154. COCS and statistics.com ACE evaluation(s)?
  155. Best school to transfer NYPD Academy transcript
  156. TESU Oral Communication requirement
  157. Need advice for COSC
  158. tsimmns CIS Degree Plan, hopefully it helps me stay on track
  159. Need help organizing a plan
  160. New to forum, pursuing accounting degree
  161. Tesu tuition plans
  162. Last Post about CIS degree at TESU
  163. Anyone have a list of free courses?
  164. CLEP Information Systems & SL IT Fundementals Equivalencies
  165. Dual Degree within the BSBA field at TESU
  166. Tesc academic evaluation. (need help)
  167. COSC Financial Aid?
  168. Are there any Excelsior degrees not requiring capstone in 2016
  169. Atabasca University for TESU UL CS courses?
  170. Does Penn Foster Online Information Literacy Course replace excelsior INL 102
  171. IF i take a 6 credit exam to satisfy a 3 credit requirement, can the remaining 3 coun
  172. New Excelsior Tuition Rates Starting March 10, 2016
  173. New TESU Tuition Rates Starting April 1, 2016
  174. What does a transfer credit look like on a Charter Oak credit registry transcript?
  175. Penn Foster Marketing Research questions
  176. TESU No longer accepting external Strategic Management capstone courses...
  177. Wanting an Associates degree
  178. CPA Calif info re: PLA credits
  179. Need help with TESU college algebra testing choices...
  180. Here is to your Health for General Electives
  181. TESU - need 1 more UL elective for BA Communication. What are my test-out options?
  182. BABS Dual Focus on Human Resources & CIS
  183. Ready to throw in the towel on the Capstone...
  184. Gripe about emailing TESU's Academic Advising dept.
  185. 17 year old graduate of TESU
  186. What have you done with your Big 3 Degree?
  187. TESU Electrical Degrees?
  188. Argh! TESU credit evaluation slowness!
  189. 28 credits needed for Excelsior Bachelor of Professional Studies Business and Mgt
  190. Let myself fall way behind...
  191. In my 30s and looking to finish my degree in Computer Engineer/Science
  192. IT courses at TESU
  193. WOW! ACE Alternative Credit Project
  194. TESU Programming class
  195. Need help/advice
  196. Dual Concentration: Acct and CIS or Acct and Marketing?
  197. S.L. Intro to C++ does this transfer in to T.E.S.C.
  198. TESU updated evaluation posted need help
  199. Calling all ALEKS Statistics drop outs to this thread for feedback
  200. Thomas Edison general question. How to proceed
  201. TESU portfolio tips
  202. Accounting courses at the 300-400 level
  203. TESU BSBA Capstone alternatives?
  204. Indecisive cs/chemistry
  205. Does SL Intro to Religion fulfill the TESU Info literacy
  206. TESU BSBA CIS Plan - Review/suggestions please!
  207. TECEP Intro Political Science
  208. Warning: The War & Peace of Road maps
  209. TESC Application and Enrollment Question
  210. Does TESU take COSC English 101 and English 102?
  211. TESU June Graduation!!!
  212. Has anyone received upper level credits at Charter Oak through Penn Foster courses?
  213. Please Take a Look at my Plan :) Liberal Arts!
  214. Help with TESU BA Social Sciences Degree Plan
  215. Took classes at 2 community colleges and getting an ace transcript
  216. TIP: using sticky notes for motivation
  217. TESU credit eval
  218. UL liberal arts
  219. My TESU BSBA Operations degree plan in case it helps anyone....
  220. CLEP & DSST Financial Accounting to TESU
  221. Excelsior Liberal Arts Capstone?
  222. Excelsior ECE
  223. Tesu help
  224. TESU courses to BOOST my GPA
  225. Which liberal arts programs are test-friendly at Excelsior?
  226. Transcripts for UEXCEL exam results
  227. TESC Business in Society
  228. Please rate/critique my degree plan
  229. TESU Final Stretch - Assistance needed with Major test out options
  230. Straighterline vs. Saylor
  231. Thomas Edison promo code from Ashford University--for Straighterline?
  232. TESU BSBA Plan and Questions for Double Concentration
  233. Odd question: College ID for discounts?
  234. TESU BSBA Computer Information Systems or WGU
  235. cosc bus 499 or the capstone anyone taken it?
  236. Straighterline Intro to Nutrition (TESU/COSC)
  237. TESU BSBA Computer Information Systems / General Management
  238. Repeating credits using TECEP question
  239. LSAC & Charter Oak
  240. Classes for TESU Degree BSBA in General Management
  241. TESU Accounting I & II
  242. TESU what is the price for the capstone
  243. TESU Arnold Fletcher Award
  244. Penn Foster Strategic Business Management
  245. TESU online course written assignments
  246. TESU academic evals - how open are they to "appeals?"
  247. Diploma Frame
  248. TESU - New enrollment and transfer credits advice
  249. Need another set of eyes on degree plan TESU BSAST
  250. TESU - BSBA w/ Finance BA in 4 Weeks Proposed Plan