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    Default How do I get my credits to TESC and COSC for evaluation???

    Hello Wonderful People,

    I'd like to submit my transcripts from Straighterline and FEMA to TESC and COSC.

    How do I do this?

    Would I need to get a transcript from ACE?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yes, Send all your Straighterline credits to ACE. Then order a transcript from ace and send it to TESC and COSC. Its $15 each and the first one is free. As for FEMA. goto the website and print out their order transcript form and fill it out, you can fax or mail it. Its free and have them send it to TESC or COSC. Great job on the Straighterline courses.
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    Straighterline will send to TESC since they are a partner school- no need to pay ACE to act as an intermediary. You can also request FEMA transcript to be mailed to TESC.

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