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Thread: TESU BSBA Computer Information Systems / General Management

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfrecore View Post
    First, I want to say Hi! as I live in Escondido and am familiar with Palomar College. Your courses you've taken are all transferrable; the only question I have is on Power Reading, which may not be a GenEd course, but a Free Elective. I would put it down there just in case, so you don't take a Free elective, and then end up needing another Gen Ed course.

    You should enroll by June 30th to lock in the 2016 catalog, as they change things on July 1 of each year. I would probably not wait until that date though - give yourself a few extra days to make sure it all goes through ok.

    Once you enroll (don't pay anything to do so, and they will automatically put you in the Per-Credit Tuition Plan), you will pay $111 per TECEP. Then you need to take and pass a TECEP within the first 6 months, and then 12 months after that, and so on; there is a rolling 12-month period, so let's say you enroll in June, pass a TECEP in September, you then have until the next September to take another.

    Out-of-state does not matter for TECEP's.

    Here are some issues with your plan:
    1) Macroecon & Microecon are requirements in your Area of Study, so you cannot have them up in Knowledge of Human Cultures; you'll need 2 courses for that area instead
    2) Instead of Business Ethics, you can take the free 2cr Insurance Ethics course (you can't beat FREE): Preserve the trust on which insurance transactions are based with an understanding of ethics
    3) You can take the Kaplan PLA course (quizzes only) for 3cr free as well, in Gen Ed:
    4) I'm not certain that the TEEX courses will count in your Area of Study; you may want to check with others on that, as TESU has been changing their policies lately; I would think about just putting those in Free Electives and planning something else until you hear otherwise (and you only have 3cr open there after the Reading course is moved there)
    5) Management Info Systems will fit into the Area of Study
    6) If you're going to use ALEKS for Stats, you should also go get Intermediate Algebra too; it's a free (at that point) 3cr that will work in Gen Ed.

    Also, just my 2cents, but if you're taking SL for a lot of courses, you should probably think about taking them for ALL of the courses you can; the more courses you can take in a month, the less it costs per credit. Also, there are quite a few courses you're taking as CLEP or SL that you could take as Saylor, if you want to save some money (Financial Accounting, Marketing, Business Law, Management). I only say this because you do have a Saylor course already on your plan, and because I'm cheap!

    If you want to add Saylor's Intro to Western Political Thought and Intro to Comparative Politics as your Human Cultures section (to replace your Econ courses), I think it's the cheapest way to do that.

    Good luck!
    Can you double major with General Management and CIS? If so, how?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdrelx View Post
    Can you double major with General Management and CIS? If so, how?
    No! General Management cannot be combined with any other concentration, and if you get that one, you can't do anything else. But any other 2 concentrations can be combined.
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