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Thanks TrailRunr. I'm already working in IT (recently transitioned over to Data Science) and want to get a CS degree to continue on to a Masters and possibly a Ph.D. I'm thinking I may eventually go into teaching but I haven't made up my mind on that point yet. I'm not trying to test out of required courses. I'm using SL to fast track what is essentially an associate's degree. After I've finished my SL courses, my plan is to attend TESU for a full 12 month period and take 12 courses (all upper-level) over that time. I've looked at dozens upon dozens of other alternatives and TESU seems to be the best fit for me and for what I want to do.
Forgot to add that those 12 courses taken at TESU will be the last 36 credits of my degree (78 earned through SL, 3 via ed4credit, and 3 via Saylor.) That'll give me all 120 credits I need to graduate. And then on to bigger and better things ... hopefully