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    What is the Penn Foster requirement for a proctor?

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    The form is located here:


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      PFC Proctor Info PLUS

      What is a proctored final exam?
      When a degree candidate successfully completes all of the lessons for a given semester, he or she must take a proctored examination for each course in the semester. In most degree programs, the proctored final exams are open-book tests. The exams include questions on all of the material covered in the related course. An individual grade is given for each proctored exam taken. Therefore, if a semester has five courses, a student will take five proctored final exams and will receive five separate grades - one for each exam.

      I have just completed my first set of lessons and see that I am scheduled to take a proctored exam. Do I take that now?
      Students are not required to complete the proctored final exam until they have completed all of the lessons in the semester.

      When must I choose my proctor? How will I do it?
      You will choose your proctor as you near the end of the first semester. You will receive more information and a Proctor Acceptance Form after you have completed 60% of the lessons in the semester. The proctor must be someone who holds at least an associate degree in any field, who is not related to you, and who does not reside with you. He or she must also be in good standing in the community. All proctor candidates are still subject to the school's final approval.

      How do I change my proctor?To change your proctor, you must complete a new Proctor Acceptance Form. To ask for a new form, contact the Proctor Department at 1-888-427-1000.

      My proctor has moved. How can I change his/her address?
      To change the address of your proctor, contact the Proctor Department at 1-888-427-1000.

      How long will it take my proctored exam to be graded once the school receives it?
      Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for your proctored exam to be graded once the school has received it.

      What happens if I fail a proctored exam? Will I be able to take it again?
      If you fail a proctored exam, you can take a makeup exam within 90 days of the original exam. When you take a makeup examination, the highest grade you can receive is 70%. The grade on your proctored exam is then averaged with the grades you receive on the lesson exams in each course. If a grade of 70% on the makeup proctored exam does not result in a passing average for the course, you will not be required to take the makeup. There is a fee for a makeup proctored exam.
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