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Hot Diggity Done!!! BS-Cybersecurity

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  • Hot Diggity Done!!! BS-Cybersecurity

    I got an electronic copy of my official transcript today noting my Bachelors was conferred yesterday (August 31. 2016).

    I found this forum in 2014 while researching CLEPs. From there I found COSC and realized it would be a great fit for me. I read a lot of posts here and started knocking out credits from TEEX, Straighterline, ALEKS, and CC credits. Knocking out those credits got me motivated and confident to enroll at COSC and finish my degree.

    Without degreeforum and its fantastic members I wouldn't have known about these options and would not have been able to complete my degree anytime soon.

    For anyone interested in the specifics of my journey you can click the link to my progress thread in my signature.

    Thanks again to everyone who helped and encouraged me along this journey.
    Working On: MS CSIA From WGU

    B.S. Cybersecurity - COSC - August 2016
    A.S. - COSC - May 2015

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    Awesome, congrats!!
    MA - Complete
    BA - Complete
    AA - Complete


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      Sweet! I love these threads, every time I see them

      Fantastic work.
      Working on: BS IT-Sec, WGU (79/123 CUs complete)

      BA Psychology, Thomas Edison State, 2016
      AA Sociology, community college, 2015
      Linux+, LPIC-1 Linux Admin, Security+, Network+, A+, and CIW Site Development Associate certified
      BA completed using community college, Competency-Based Education (via Patten University - would not recommend),, Coopersmith Career Consulting (via Tor College Credits), TESU courses, and a handful of free ACE-recommended credits. See my full BA path here! BS being completed by Competency-Based Education (via WGU - would recommend!)

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        WooHoo! Congratulations!
        BA, MA, EdS, MMT, etc.
        83 hours of ACE-worthy credits


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          Grad cert., Applied Behavior Analysis, Ball State University
          M.S., in Applied Psychology, Lynn Univeristy
          B.S., in Psychology, Excelsior College
          A.A., Florida State College at Jacksonville


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            Accepted to Georgia Tech's Online MSCS program for Fall 2016.
            TESU BA Comp Sci completed. 51 units completed in 20 months.
            TECEP:Env Ethics (2015); TESU PLA:Software Eng, Computer Arch, C++, Advanced C++, Data Struct (2015); TESU Courses:Capstone, Database Mngmnt Sys, Op Sys, Artificial Intel, Discrete Math, Intro to Portfolio Dev, Intro PLA (2014-16); DSST:Intro to Anthro, Pers Fin, Intro Astronomy (2014); CLEP:Intro to Soc (2014); to Computers (2014); CC: 69 units (1980-88)
            PLA Tips Thread - TESU: What is in a Portfolio?


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              So cool! Congrats!!
              just a gal who decided to go for it - goal: TESU BSBA Accounting - 96/120
              CLEP: A&I Lit, College Math, Intro Socio, Intro Psych, Human G&D, US His I&II, Social Sci & His, Princ of Mgmt; Saylor: College Algebra, Intro Molecular Biology, Princ of Marketing, Intro Comp Politics; Personal Finance, Princ of Finance, Financial Acc, Advanced Acc, Intro Managerial Acc, Applied Managerial Acc, CIS-102, Macroeco, Biz Law, Intro Comp; Other: Ethics Institutes, Cyber 101 & 301 Teex, Intro Stats Aleks, BUS421 Tecep, ED4 Microeco, SL COM101; Up Next: Saylor Biz Comm, SL Financial Acc


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                Very Cool!
                •DSST Exams (78 credits) •Credit for Prior Learning - CPL (68 credits) •ACE Courses (50 credits) •JST Military Courses (48 credits) •Credit-by-Assessment - CBA (44 credits) •CLEP Exams (42 credits) •ECE/UExcel Exams (30 credits) •PLA Portfolio (19) •Cooperative Work Experience (11 credits) •FEMA IS on Transcript (10 credits).


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                  Awesome Congrats!!!
                  Seton Hall University - MA HRTD
                  Thomas Edison State University - BSBA GM in progress
                  Thomas Edison State College - BA CJ
                  Thomas Edison State College - AAS ESST
                  Middlesex County College - AS CJ

                  NJ PTC
                  New Jersey Regional Community Police Institute
                  Methods of Instruction

                  Cyber Security for Everyone
                  Cyber Security for IT Professionals
                  Cyber Security for Business Professionals



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                    Congrats on finishing that degree! That's an awesome way to get things done!

                    Thanks for sharing your COSC AOS , especially since CyberSecurity is a hot trend now for IT folks.
                    TESU ASNSM Biology, ASBA/BSBA General Management (ACBSP Accredited in 2017)

                    2017 BSBA General Management Spreadsheet (using mainly SL/
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                    Sources of Credit - Davar, Saylor,, and Alternatives
                    FREE Sources of Credit (used for free electives)

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                    Note: Read the entire Wiki guide to review TESU equivalency course list & links for CLEP/DSST/SL/


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                      "Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan." -Tom Landry

                      AAS, Admin Studies. 2010
                      BA, Social Sciences. 2010. Arnold Fletcher Award.
                      AAS, Environmental, Safety & Security Technologies. 2011
                      BSBA, General Management. 2011. Arnold Fletcher Award. Sigma Beta Delta (ΣΒΔ)!


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                        Awesome! Congratulations on a job well done!
                        I don't know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future.


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                          Fantastic! Congrats!
                          "I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion."~ Henry David

                          BA Humanities - TESC
                          AAS Construction and Facilities Support - TESC
                          AA Interior Design - MCC
                          AA LS - MCC
                          Certificate Interior Design - MCC
                          Certificate Management - MCC


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                            Congats, Well done!!

                            Start by doing what is necessary: then do the possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible St Francis of Assisi
                            Now a mostly retired substitute Teacher in NY, & SC

                            AA Liberal Studies TESC '08
                            BA in Natural Science/Mathematics TESC Sept '10
                            AAS Environmental safety and Security Technology TESC Dec '12


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                              congratulations on your hard work!!
                              Goal: BA Psychology


                              Credit Sources