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Anyone attend Hodges MIS or WGU MS ITM?

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  • Anyone attend Hodges MIS or WGU MS ITM?

    Care to share your experience for Hodges Masters in Management Information Systems or the WGU Masters of Science in Information Technology Management please.

    You can't beat the price of doing these types of degrees and the opportunities that could potentially follow is worth developing the proper study habbits to get through this.

    I called WGU and I applied to the MS- ITM program. I think/hope I will get in. I haven't been able to get into any of their other programs because I currently do not have any certifications but the lady made it sound like I would be able to get in.

    My goal would be 1 year for 2 terms = 6 grand. Perfect- that is way cheaper then all of the other brick and motars I was looking at.
    TESU BSBA (Dual Degree)
    Computer Information Systems
    General Management

    Completed June 2017

    For those wondering:
    CIS AOS-
    TEEX- Bus for IT + IT Professional = 4 UL Digital Marketing = 3 UL
    University- Hardware Support Esentials = 4 LL
    Ed4credit- MIS = 3 UL
    SL- C++ Programming 4 LL
    CSU Global - System Analysis & Design = 3 UL

    Gen Man AOS- HRM, Digital Marketing,
    SL - Cost Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Organzitional Behavior.
    DAU- Contact Administration, Defense Procurement Management

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    It'd be nice to see more info about Hodges. The only thing I recall ever seeing on this forum was one person who did started a Bachelors program there, but din't finish.
    Working on: BS IT-Sec, WGU (79/123 CUs complete)

    BA Psychology, Thomas Edison State, 2016
    AA Sociology, community college, 2015
    Linux+, LPIC-1 Linux Admin, Security+, Network+, A+, and CIW Site Development Associate certified
    BA completed using community college, Competency-Based Education (via Patten University - would not recommend),, Coopersmith Career Consulting (via Tor College Credits), TESU courses, and a handful of free ACE-recommended credits. See my full BA path here! BS being completed by Competency-Based Education (via WGU - would recommend!)

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