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Social Sciences; Dantes SF47, HUMAN / CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY?

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  • Social Sciences; Dantes SF47, HUMAN / CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY?

    What instantcert subject is the best or most closely related to and helpful in the preparation for the Social Sciences; Dantes SF47, HUMAN / CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY?
    Please direct me to a similar DSST or website location that you sucessfully used to pass this DSST.


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    Try the DOD MWR library

    This website has 15 DSST practice exams including Human/Cultural Geography. I haven't taken this exam but I've used this website to prepare and take others that I have successfully passed. Good luck,

    link below:

    Excelsior College - DONE
    AAS-2009, BSLS-2010

    Thomas Edison State College - DONE
    BA in History-2011

    Texas A&M University Central Texas
    Master of Arts in History - 18/36 SH

    CLEPs Passed
    Spanish, Freshman Comp, English Comp w/ Essay, Social Science & Hist, Info Sys & Comp App, Intro Sociology, Prin of Mngmt, American Gov , US History I, US History II, Western Civ I, Western Civ II
    DSSTs Passed
    Civil War & Reconstruction, Rise & Fall of Soviet Union, History of Vietnam War, Intro Modern Middle East, Western Europe Since 1945, Drug and Alcohol, Here's to Your Hlth, Intro To Comp, Prin of Sup, Technical Writing, Prin of Physical Science I

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