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    Ok I'm planning on taking Ethics in America to fulfill my humanities credit and would like a no joke response to any help that may be out there. There are so many names and ideas to remember I'm finding it hard to believe its as easy as so many people make it out to be.

    I'm currently studying IC and some notes on post #63, anything else would be greatly appreciative.


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    Post 60 has a good document

    I am taking the test on Tuesday the 13th. I have also been studying the document attached to Post #60 listed under Ethics in America DSST and ECE by sgloer. This has a list of each philosopher and a condensed version of their theories and beliefs. Props to njripperger for the post.

    My only study advice would be...I go though all questions on IC once just reading the questions and filling in what I know. The second time I go through the questions I write down every question I get wrong and underline the answers. I study these in my spare time and then go through the questions a third time. I know this takes some time but writing down the missed questions helps me retain more.

    Good Luck
    Tim R in Herndon VA

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      I used IC only and passed last week. You can do it!
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        how long did you study? did you seriously remember every philospher and what they thought?


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          Do you think that there is a definite writes way or wrong way to run the country, or do you think that everything is subjective or relative each individuals own rules and beliefs.
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            i also just started studying for ethics in america.. what are you referring to when you say" some notes on post #63" ?


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              I would also get the textbook: Ethics: Theory and Practice by Thiroux & Krasemann in 11th or 10th edition as cheap as possible. Of course I'm a book guy and will always buy the/a book for a test.
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                Wher do I find # 63 and # 60? About to take this exam this week need a little help. Thx