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  • Electronic Textbooks?

    Hi all -

    I recently discovered that some of my course textbooks are available on Kindle at a very reduced cost. My current book was almost 200 bucks for the hard copy and 70 for the Kindle version. I did manage to find a cheaper copy used, so I didn't have to pay full price, but I may try this option in the future if I can't get a decent price on a used text.

    I do have some reservations about the electronic option though -

    1) With the e-text, I can't re-sell it if I want to. I most likely will forget to re-sell it, so this may not matter, but it is a point to be considered.

    2) My usual study habits are to highlight and then write down key concepts in the margins. That way, when I'm writing a paper, I can skim through the margin notes quickly to see what is on each page. I know I can highlight on my Kindle, but writing in the margins? Probably not...

    3) Are they just introducing much cheaper e-texts to lure students into buying them? Then, once the supply of used textbooks goes way down, they'll raise the price on the e-text. If this is the long-term plan for Amazon and other e-book sellers, I would rather stick to buying used or international versions when available.

    Does anyone have experience with using e-textbooks? I would love to hear your thoughts..
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