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  • Globalization & International Management -or- Business in Society TECEP

    Hello All,

    I am trying to decide between these two to fulfill this requirement at TESU. The course seems like a huge amount of work to manage in a Month for me while balancing out everything else. The TECEP would require a reasonable amount of studying after looking over it. Looking for people who Have taken either of these to weigh my options. Both would be technically free to take so cost is not an issue. I'm on the guardian scholarship from and TECEP I get reimbursed for so no issue there. Just seems like 4 800-1200 word essays for 25points each seems like an awful lot. Your opinions are greatly appreciated.
    Thomas Edison State University - BSBA: Accounting: 120/120
    FINISHED: Graduation Date 9/15/2017

    B&M: Stats, Business Law I, Microeconomics, Business Comm, Computer Concepts and Apps, Financial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting II, Managerial Accounting, Not-for-Profit Accounting
    CLEP: Sociology, Psychology, Marketing, College Comp Modular, Human Growth and Development
    Institutes: Ethics 312
    Aleks: Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, PreCalculus
    Shmoop: U.S. History I, U.S. History II, Modern European History Principles of Finance, Advanced Accounting I, Applied Managerial Accounting, American Government, Macroeconomics, Principles of Management, Globalization and International Management, English Composition II, Intro to Computing, Public Speaking, Info Systems and Comp Apps
    SL: Intermediate Accounting I, Introduction to Religon, Cost Accounting, Western Civilization I/II
    TECEP: Strategic Management (63), Federal Income Tax (76)