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Straighterline Communication Videos - Editing?

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  • Straighterline Communication Videos - Editing?

    My son just did his 4 minute video assignment, which has been stressing him out, only to realize he'd forgotten to show his ID at the beginning - do they allow edits? I told him he could just video himself holding the ID and attach it to the beginning of the video, but he's not sure that's allowed. He looked on SL but didn't see anything definitive about it.
    Here Researching for my son, who has done the following:
    Community College: Intro to Philosophy, Fundamentals of IT, English Comp 1
    Saylor: Intro to Business, Principles of Marketing, Corporate Communication
    Shmoop: US History 2 (WGU won't accept this)
    ALEKS: Int. Algebra, College Algebra Personal Finance, Principles of Finance, HR Management, Global Business, Advanced Operations Management
    Straighterline: US History 2, Environmental Science, US History, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, English Comp 2, Principles of Management, Business Law, Business Ethics, Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Accounting 1,Communication, Managerial Accounting, Statistics
    Ed4Credit: Managing Information Systems
    Sophia: Project Management
    CURRENT - Working on BS HR Management at WGU - Courses completed: Critical Thinking and Logic, Integrated Natural Science Applications, Employment Law. In Progress: Spreadsheets, Workforce Planning - Recruitment and Development

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    I don't see why it would matter. It's a video, so they'll be able to see that it's the same person showing the id as the person doing the speech.