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  • CPA and ACE credits NJ BSBA Accounting

    So I have found some information about whether you can sit for the CPA based on "correspondence " courses as they call them. Some states make their stance quite clear ( NY is cool, Texas not so much) I cannot find any information that exactly pertains to NJ. Anyone here have any insight? Perhaps leave your state and status for other if you know it

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    How to become a CPA in New Jersey - NJ | Exams and License | Certification | CPA Requirements I like this site the best because it clearly lays everything out for you, plus it has every state. NJ doesn't clearly say it accepts correspondence, unlike the page for TN where it specifically says
    Correspondence, CLEP credit, pass/fail grades and on-line courses are acceptable if you have received credit for them at an accredited college or university and they appear on your official transcript.
    NJ only mentions correspondence for continuing edu after your CPA, although it then links to a few online programs like Capella U.
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    just a gal who decided to go for it - goal: TESU BSBA Accounting - 93/120
    CLEP: A&I Lit, College Math, Intro Socio, Intro Psych, Human G&D, US His I&II, Social Sci & His, Princ of Mgmt; Saylor: College Algebra, Intro Molecular Biology, Princ of Marketing, Intro Comp Politics; Personal Finance, Princ of Finance, Financial Acc, Advanced Acc, Intro Managerial Acc, Applied Managerial Acc, CIS-102, Macroeco, Biz Law, Intro Comp; Other: Ethics Institutes, Cyber 101 & 301 Teex, Intro Stats Aleks, BUS421 Tecep, ED4 Microeco; Up Next: Saylor Biz Comm, SL Intro Comm, SL Financial Acc


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      It's so vague, and in the new requirements (starting July ) they don't even mention what type of accreditation you need

      On September 21, 2015, regulations were adopted in New Jersey that impact the educational requirements for students seeking to become licensed CPAs. These new regulations go into effect on July 1, 2017.

      What do these new rules mean?
      In order to sit for the CPA Exam in NJ, an applicant must possess:

      a bachelorís degree or higher from an accredited school/university
      24 semester hours in accounting and 24 semester hours in business
      a minimum of 120 semester hours
      the degree can be in any field of study
      To be licensed in NJ, the applicant must:

      obtain 150 semester hours from an accredited school. These credits can be obtained within or beyond a degree program.
      obtain one year of experience (1,750 hours) working under a CPA whose active license is from NJ or from a state that is substantially equivalent to NJ. Currently all states are substantially equivalent. The experience must be in the areas of auditing or accounting."

      As far as I'm concerned I will hit all of the education requirements. I have emailed them though, I want it in writing


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        My response from NASBA
        "Dear Ms. --------

        As long as the credits earned show on an official transcript with the hours posted and are not duplicate to any other courses taken, the New Jersey State Board will accept those credits.

        Administrator, Licensing Services and CPE Audit

        National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)
        150 Fourth Avenue North Suite 700
        Nashville, TN 37219
        Toll Free: (866) 350-0017"