I passed, barely, with a 56. This was by far the hardest CLEP exam I have taken... but it was hard only because of my infamiliarity with much of the subject. I used IC and the Peterson practice tests. I scored pathetically on the Patterson tests (50%), but took the exam anyways.

Anyone looking at passing this exam needs to really know:

Louis XIV Reign
French Revolution
Tenents of Napoleon's reign
English Legal History (Bill of Rights, Reform Act)
Understand England's transition of power (Charles I, James II, William the Orange).
Understand Bismarck and the Berlin Conference
Understand Austria-Hungary and their role in the 19th century and WWI
Concepts of Russia's struggle with the people, technology, and always being "behind the rest of the world" (my phrase)
Understand basic concepts of WWII - Who started it, what happened afterwards
Understand basic concepts of WWI - Who started it, why, what happened afterwards.

If you're not very familiar with the timeline of Western Civilization... and how France, England, Russia, (and eventually Germany, Italy, and Austria) played together... you'll need more help than IC can offer.

If you pick up on key concepts quickly and can put together a timeline in your head, then IC will work fine.