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    Default Good news! the TI BA II Plus Calculator is NON-PROGRAMMABLE!!

    I finally found an actual note on calculators from a professor (Dr. Steve Cole) for an accounting class, and he says...


    A financial calculator is required for in-class use and for exams. Your calculator should be able to solve for internal rates of return using uneven cash flows. TI-BAII Plus, HP-17B, HP-19B, and the HP 10-BII are suitable calculators. I will be using a TI- BAII Plus in class. Programmable calculators may not be used for any in-class exams."

    So, he actually has students use the BA II, and tells them not to use programmable calcs.

    Here's the real link, just in case you don't believe I just cleared up the long-term debate; "BA II Programmable or not?"

    So now I can be excited about using my BA II Plus calculator for Principles of Finance, without the background haunting feeling of "what if this is what they call a programmable calculator?"
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    now what would be interesting is if your allowed to use the TI ba II plus app for the iphone!
    App Store - BA II Plus(tm) Financial Calculator

    I guess my casio fx-cg10 is out of the question for a class like that. But I have two way old school ti's, the ba II from early 80's and my II plus from 91' to rely on.

    And yes I am a calculator freak, if you couldn't tell from having calcs more than 20 years old, I have at least a dozen around here.

    good luck in the class!
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    Ready for your CLEP exam?

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    I think It'd be pretty hard to get by with the App...what if your best friend calls and disturbs all others in the testing room! :/ Most testing centers won't allow any electronic devices, except for SILENT calculators.
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