Easiest Generals First

  1. LifeschoolMom
    I want my kids to take the easiest generals first, by test, toward general associates by test only. What requirements are there and which tests should they do first?
  2. AquaDragonfly
    Hi LifeschoolMom!

    We are beginning on this journey too! I have an 11th and 7th grader and I LOVE the idea of double-dipping credits for high school and college! My son is going to start his CLEP tests this fall. I have found a TON of great info on the following websites (there are more but this is good for now):

    Take Online Courses. Earn College Credit. Research Schools, Degrees & Careers
    Free Clep Prep.com
    HC USA - Home

    Here's a specific link listing of the difficulty of the CLEP exams: Clep Difficulty List - Free-Clep-Prep.com. I understand Analyzing and Interpreting Lit is one of the easier ones, so my son is starting with that one.

    Hope this helps!

    Lori in NY
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