Favorite Big 3

  1. Prloko
    What was your choice for the Big 3 school you selected (if you did). What was the deciding factor for you?
  2. Publius
    TESC - I decided to go with TESC from the very beginning (about a year ago). Deciding factor? It was one of the Big Three. Of the Big Three, the deciding factor probably would of been the fact it was a State College (compared to Excelsior) and that they offered the degree program that I wanted. I've thought about several times, going to one of the other two, but I always end up coming back to TESC. Honestly, one can't go to a "wrong" school, but this is a great topic!
  3. Prloko
    I'm going with COSC. Although I like the degrees that TESC offer better, COSC comes out cheaper and quicker for me in the long run. Neither have a very large alumni network (as compared to the large state juggernauts like PSU), but it will be a great stepping stone for a Master's. I seriously was considering long and hard about the TESC BSBA with accounting, but at this point in my career, I know it will be a big pay-cut for a career change.
  4. cooperalex2004
    TESC - I had received a recommendation from a testing center operator (who's husband went there) and after looking into it I sent in my CC credits along with CLEP, DSST, and ACE, and was quite happy with the result. Based on others posts I don't think with my mix of credits I would have received nearly as good of a deal from either COSC or EC. They've got my major (Communications), took my CC credits and made several of them UL (quite a feat since no other school in my state would do that), and have been really good about working with me to move credits around. They are slow to catch up on credit acceptance but they have been great at allowing me to make courses and exams worth other credit (like DSST Business Ethics changing from UL BUS to UL PHI). I'm sure the other schools are good too, but I'm happy with TESC.
  5. Prloko
    I read in a lot of sites that TESC takes forever. One hiring manager went as far to say that they didn't hire a candidate because they got tired of waiting for TESC to send a transcript. Has anyone had any similar issues with TESC?
  6. dewisant
    I started with Regents College before the name change to Excelsior College, back when it was fun. As the years went by, and my procrastination took its toll, and as the rules were changing...I grew to resent Excelsior. I now recommend that people interested in doing non-traditional education do some research.
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