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    Has anyone completed these courses and gotten anything out of it? I am enrolled into the Business Management one at this time.


    For those that dont know of it. What you do is put your working hours in and get your time doing that job on paper IE Computers, supply etc. It helps out in the civilian world by giving documentaion you did that job. Also helps make you stand out to your peers.

    No real reason I could see not to do it.. But i was just wondering if anyone had completed one.

    here is the link

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    I had not done this, but I worked with a couple of guys that did theirs for the electronics journeyman program. They should be done with it by now, if they've been diligent in logging hours, but I don't know anybody who has gone to the civilian market with it yet. My impression was that it can't hurt to have that bullet point on the resume, so I would say keep logging hours since it doesn't cost you anything.

    So that's my roundabout way of saying, "I can't answer your question."
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