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  How Does Study.Com Proctored Tests Work and Study.Com Question?
Posted by: irishrose - 54 minutes ago - Forum: Saylor.org, Straighterline, Study.com, Ed4Credit.com, Shmoop.com, Sophia.Org Discussion - Replies (1)


Hi Mates. I Just STarted Finishing Up Some Study.Com Courses And I'm Going To Start Taking One Exam A Week Starting January 2nd. Are The Exams Exactly Like Straighterline.com Where There Is A Person Watching You The Entire Time on Proctor U And I Have To Pay $8 Per Exam?? Just Want To Know What I'm Getting Involved In.

It Looks Like I Need To Get 60% Or Greater On Each Exam To Pass The Courses. Would The Entitle To A lot Of Study Time In Your Opinion Of People What Have Taken Exams There Before?

Any Tips On Studying For the Exams? I Planned On Just STudying Their Flash Cards They Provide Within The Course.

Thanks For Any Tips. I'm Very Stressful.

Cheers Mates.

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  2017 Pass Rates
Posted by: cookderosa - 3 hours ago - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - No Replies

The newest CLEP pass rates were posted. The DSST rates are by quarter and then by test taker type, someone with more free time than me can merge those 8 sets of data. BUT, here is CLEP! It's worth noting that MANY of the "easier" exams were refreshed in 2015 and their pass rates went from very high back then to VERY low now.


In ranked order from highest pass rate to lowest pass rate

Spanish 92%
College Composition 83%
College Composition Modular 81%
French 81%
Principles of Marketing 74%
German 73%
Sociology 73%
Info Systems and Computer Applications 70%
Human Growth and Development 69%
College Math 68%
Precalculus 65%
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 64%
Intro. Educational Psychology 61%
Princ. Macroeconomics 60%
Princ. Microeconomics 59%
Biology 59%
History of the US I 58%
Western Civilization I 57%
Humanities 57%
Intro. Psychology 55%
Natural Sciences 53%
English Literature 52%
Calculus 51%
History of the US II 50%
Social Science and History 49%
College Algebra 47%
Intro. Business Law 46%
Western Civilization II 45%
Princ. of Management 44%
American Government 42%
Financial Accounting 41%
American Literature 39%
Chemistry 29%

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  Question About Transitioning from Guardian Scholarship to College Accelerator
Posted by: jamshid666 - 10 hours ago - Forum: Saylor.org, Straighterline, Study.com, Ed4Credit.com, Shmoop.com, Sophia.Org Discussion - Replies (1)

So, I finished my six exams and my next test availability is in 22 days, but my Guardian Scholarship expires in 21 days, so I won't be able to take any more exams under this program.  Do I have to wait until the Guardian Scholarship expires before switching to the College Accelerator?  If I don't have to wait, will the exam clock reset once I make my payment or will I still have to wait the 22 days, unless I choose to purchase additional exams for the month?

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Posted by: jamshid666 - Today, 01:04 AM - Forum: Off Topic - Replies (1)

I'm trying to setup a signature, but for the life of me, I can't figure out where that is hidden.  A search of the forums says to click on a settings button on the top right area of the screen, but I don't see anything anywhere on the page that says "Settings" top-right or otherwise.  I've been all over the User CP, which is where I'd think it would be.  Apparently I am failing at the application of the 10% rule in this particular use case.

OK, never mind, looked through some myBB documentation, it appears that most boards configure some kind of minimum posting limit before you can access that setting. I'm guessing it's the same way with this board, so I'll eventually gain access to that feature once I've made enough posts.

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  CFP® + ChFC® + TESU Acceptance Email
Posted by: Gloddy - Yesterday, 05:36 PM - Forum: Excelsior, Thomas Edison, and Charter Oak Specific Discussion - Replies (1)

I am writing this post because I haven't come across one like this and thought it might be helpful for someone in a similar situation.

Today, I am in my middle 40's and am a multiple, traditional school, dropout.

I, with the help of people on this board (I am talking to you DFRECORE), have created a spreadsheet with my degree requirements (TESU, BSBA Finance). This sheet provides me a specific road map towards earning my degree. I plan on using my existing credits + study.com + TESU and hopefully the ChFC® coursework through the American College to make this happen.  I know there may be slightly less expensive or quicker ways to do this, but for me, the $199 per month for two classes (up to 6 credits) is doable and gives me hope I can do this.

I have worked in the financial services industry for more than 20 years (1997). Today, I provide comprehensive financial planning to the mass affluent.

I wanted to complete my CFP® designation, but knew this requires not just the coursework and comprehensive exam, it also requires an undergraduate degree within five years of passing the comprehsive exam.  While doing my research, I discovered that the ChFC® designation through The American College has similar coursework. In fact, when I completed 7 of the 9 courses, I would be eligible to sit for the CFP® comprehensive exam.

I did just that.  I started my journey in September of 2016 with this forum and the American College.  I completed the first 7 courses of the ChFC® coursework and then signed up for the CFP® comprehensive exam.  I did take a 4 day crash course through Brett Danko (Highly Recommended), and was able to pass the comprehensive on 11/11/2017!  Of course, I cannot call myself a CFP® until I complete my undergraduate degree.  I have five years from 11/11/2017 to complete the undergraduate work.  I completed the last course of the ChFC® designation on 12/08/2017!  I should be able to use this designation as of February 1, 2018.

So, the next step in my journey was to apply to TESU.  I did that a few days ago ($75 cost). It is a very basic application (they don't require you to submit your prior credits ahead of time).  I received my acceptance email this morning.  Since I have never seen this on this site, I thought I would share it (attached). Maybe it will provide some insight? You can see it below.

I have attached my course requirement spreadsheet.  It is a consolidated version of what someone else on this site provided to me, free of charge and with only a thank you. I will take this opportunity to say THANK YOU once again, just in case that person is reading this.  It sounds basic, but this sheet is what helped me to visualize my course to completion. You will note, I filled in the ChFC® coursework where it would fit.  The website does not currently show these courses as having been renewed, so I will have to report back in to let you know if they are in fact accepted.

As of today, assuming the American College credits count, I still need 69 credits to be done.  I used to think it would be impossible, not anymore. I now know I can do this.

My first college class through study.com is English 104: College Comp I (ENC-101 at TESU).  I took the quizzes and the comprehensive. I just need to complete and submit the three essays to finish. I hope to do it this coming weekend. My spreadsheet has links built in to where I found the information.

I know this won't help many, but if it helps 1 or more, it was worth it. Smile
Happy Holidays!

Attached Files
.docx   Acceptance Email.docx (Size: 17.34 KB / Downloads: 2)
.xlsx   TESU - BSBA in Finance (Exisitng Credits + Study.com + American College - ChFC Designation).xlsx (Size: 44.11 KB / Downloads: 8)
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  IT and IS degrees (with management?)
Posted by: Ideas - Yesterday, 10:20 AM - Forum: Graduate School Discussion - Replies (14)

I'm seriously considering doing a Masters level IT/IS or MIS/ITM degree instead of the other Masters.

I've read pages on the difference between IS and IT degrees, and IS much more appealing to me. However, when I compare the two Competency-based ones I found, the Hodges MIS degree seems quite a bit harder than the WGU IT Mgmt degree. I think it's their particular choices for requirements. About 4-5 of the Hodges classes seem less interesting to me.

It seems like some jobs don't care if you have IT or IS, but many are specific? That makes sense because they can find plenty of applicants with the specific degree. They're not that similar! So I better go Hodges, right? It would be classes I don't really like and spending more time, to get the degree I want.

My second question is about the degree being management-related. Unfortunately I don't see any competency-based IT/IS degrees which aren't "management" degrees. Because of my background, I would find it easier and quicker to do an ITM or MIS degree (and I have a real interest in the business side of things), but I'm worried it will limit me in the future. Because I do not want a job where I manage other people at all. Would the Hodges MIS would make me a worse candidate than someone who had a non-management IS degree? (It seems like 1/3 of what I would learn at Hodges would be management-based.)

I would consider a non-Competency degree in pure IS. But I don't think I would do one that's so structured with weekly assignments. I would want to be able to complete it in 18 months or less for sure. Preferrably 12 months. And I'm not sure I would want to spend $9K, given that Hodges would be only like $4K! (I could do Hodges MIS, and then spend another $3K for a grad certificate.) However, I do want to look at programs in the $10-20K range. I'm sure there are certain programs that I would pay more for.

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  Question About Non-Accredited Classes on Study.com
Posted by: jamshid666 - Yesterday, 02:14 AM - Forum: Saylor.org, Straighterline, Study.com, Ed4Credit.com, Shmoop.com, Sophia.Org Discussion - No Replies

This might be a bit odd to ask, but I'm really enjoying these classes on Study.com to the point that I've even been watching some of the classes that have not been accredited by ACE or NCCRS.  Now, I know that Study.com submits new or updated courses to ACE and NCCRS in an attempt to get more classes accredited.  So, if you happen to finish an unaccredited class that later becomes accredited, would it immediately pop up in your exam availability box?  If a class gets updated with new material, would it switch from the Completed Courses to Enrolled Courses or would you have no way of knowing that something got updated without going through and manually checking?  I should probably submit a ticket through the support system to get answers to these questions, but it seemed like something fun to ponder over and maybe get a group discussion on in case there are any other like-minded souls out there.

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  NA degree and other countries?
Posted by: Ideas - 12-13-2017, 09:13 PM - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (8)

Would anyone know if NA degrees are recognized by Canada, Australia, New Zealand, EU countries, or other European countries?

I would guess mostly no, so I'm worried that if I do the NA degree and move abroad, that my degree will just be a fancy piece of paper. So I wonder if I should skip the planned NA degree Sad

Even if they recognize it, would it be considered low-quality and iffy? And they would doubt I had the knowledge of the other applicants?

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  Microeconomics through SL
Posted by: videogamesrock - 12-13-2017, 04:10 PM - Forum: Saylor.org, Straighterline, Study.com, Ed4Credit.com, Shmoop.com, Sophia.Org Discussion - Replies (4)

Has anyone taken microeconomics through SL lately?  If so, how quick can one pass it?

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  Accreditation Question
Posted by: SailorBridge - 12-13-2017, 03:44 PM - Forum: General Education and Testing Discussion - Replies (7)

So I'm a little lost.... My University just started offering a new degree this fall that I am very interested in switching to: "Health Information Systems".  I think it is an interesting program since I am aware this industry is growing rapidly (annnnd I'm not doing too well in accounting right now).  I've done some research on the degree here but there isn't much information.  I spoke to my advisor about the issue and she stated it wasn't accredited and that it was really just for people who have a job lined up that only requires them to have a bachelor's degree in anything...this sort of confused me.  The bachelor's degree can also be completed in only 4 semesters which looks a little fishy.  It is stated it is accredited by the university's SACS program (whatever that means), but not by a professional group.  Sad

Basically my question is: Does accreditation in this degree make a huge difference? Can I still be employed in a health-business environment?  

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