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Modern States Announcement
(08-12-2017, 10:09 AM)homeschoolmom1 Wrote: I wonder if the AP courses have undergone the College Board audit process so that they could be listed as AP classes on a homeschool transcript.

Well, if your kid takes the course and then passes the AP exam, I think you can safely assume that it's all the material covered in a regular AP course.  And at that point, you don't need to put the AP part on the transcript, because they have the college credit for the course.

You could always call it "Honors" if you want.
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(08-12-2017, 11:13 AM)Collegelady2 Wrote: I don't think modern states is going to be a short term deal sounds like from one of the articles I read on their website that their goal is wanting to reach 1 million students sounds like they have a minimum of 1 billion dollars to give away and there's probably even more than that. One of the guys behind modern states was a hedge fund manager so the money they are using for this is probably all invested until they actually need it. Plus it sounds like they are looking for other philanthropists to carry on the goals of the organization

A billion dollars? They said they have 10,000 vouchers at $85 each, and they are in need of new partners who can help with more vouchers at $85 each.
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