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Apostrophe Question
TESU Bachelors in Liberal Studies end of 2017

Is it Bachelor's?

Or Bachelor of Liberal Studies?

Sorry, I guess it's nitpicky, but I think I should be accurate. (shrugs) Big Grin
Current Goal:
Thomas Edison State University Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies beginning of 2018
Working on:  more portfolios! (of 7, 4 have passed so far!) Capstone enrolled, begins 1 NOV
Up Next: Graduating!!
Just Finished: TESU Portfolios - First Round

Experience with: RPNow, Proctor U, DAVAR Academy (formerly Tor), Straighterline, TESU, Ed4Credit, FEMA IS, The Institutes, Kaplan, ALEKS, brick and mortar community colleges, ACE, lots of vocational schools

Here is my current list of courses I've taken specifically for this degree path:

The TESU website uses "bachelor's" when talking generically, and "Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies" when being specific. If you're looking to shorten it for your sig, I'd use "BA in Liberal Studies".
TESU BA in Comp Sci completed. 51 units completed in 20 months.
TECEP:Env Ethics (2015); TESU PLA:Software Eng, Computer Arch, C++, Advanced C++, Data Struct (2015); TESU Courses:Capstone, Database Mngmnt Sys, Op Sys, Artificial Intel, Discrete Math, Intro to Portfolio Dev, Intro PLA (2014-16); DSST:Intro to Anthro, Pers Fin, Intro Astronomy (2014); CLEP:Intro to Soc (2014); to Computers (2014); CC: 69 units (1980-88)

PLA Tips Thread - TESU: What is in a Portfolio?
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Generally, the word bachelor's is only used in an informal sense (e.g., "I've got a bachelor's in biology") and you'd refer to your BALS as either a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies or a BA Liberal Studies.
BS IT Security, Western Governors University, 2017. Journey thread here.
AAS Information Systems Cybersecurity, Community College, 2017
AAS Computer Networking, Community College, 2017

Certifications: A+, Linux+, Project+, CCNA, CCNA: Security, and CCNP

Community College (79cr):
College Algebra (4), Comp I (3), Intro to Speech Comm. (3), Federal Govt and Const (3), Intro to Humanities (3), IT Networking and Cybersecurity Courses (63)
WGU (35cr): IT Foundations (4), IT Applications (4), Project Management (4), Principles of Management (4), Spreadsheets (3), Database Management - Applications (4), Operating Systems I (4), Operating Systems II (4), IT Capstone (4)
StraighterLine (9cr): Org. Behavior (3), Business Stat (3), English Comp. II (3)
ALEKS (18cr): [Beginning, Intermediate, & College] Algebra (9), Trigonometry (3), PreCalculus (3), Intro to Stat (3)
Free Courses (7cr): Ethics 312, Cyber 101, Cyber 301, Developing Effective Teams

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