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Speed reading courses?
Does anyone know of a reasonably priced (under $100) and effective (as in, actually work) speed reading book, course, or seminar that I could take?

I read around 320 WPM comfortably, but I'd like to read much faster - around 1000 with practice.
BS IT Security, Western Governors University, 2017. Journey thread here.
AAS Information Systems Cybersecurity, Community College, 2017
AAS Computer Networking, Community College, 2017

Certifications: A+, Linux+, Project+, CCNA, CCNA: Security, and CCNP

Community College (79cr):
College Algebra (4), Comp I (3), Intro to Speech Comm. (3), Federal Govt and Const (3), Intro to Humanities (3), IT Networking and Cybersecurity Courses (63)
WGU (35cr): IT Foundations (4), IT Applications (4), Project Management (4), Principles of Management (4), Spreadsheets (3), Database Management - Applications (4), Operating Systems I (4), Operating Systems II (4), IT Capstone (4)
StraighterLine (9cr): Org. Behavior (3), Business Stat (3), English Comp. II (3)
ALEKS (18cr): [Beginning, Intermediate, & College] Algebra (9), Trigonometry (3), PreCalculus (3), Intro to Stat (3)
Free Courses (7cr): Ethics 312, Cyber 101, Cyber 301, Developing Effective Teams
Commenting as a reminder to follow along. I'm good at retention of what I read, generally, but am pretty average in speed. Hope you get some good suggestions!
Working on: BS IT-Sec, WGU (104/123 CUs complete)
Certs: CCENT, Linux+, LPIC-1, Security+, Network+, Project+, A+, CIW SDA
BA Psychology, Thomas Edison State University, 2016
AA Sociology, community college, 2015
I'd suggest an app. let's you read the things you are already reading instead of forcing you to read silly passages you have no interest in like some other options.
BA LS TESU pending completion of Capstone

UL credits -> MAT 361 College Geometry via TESU
Uexcel exams: Research Methods in Psychology, Social Psychology, World Populations, and World Conflicts Since 1900

LL credits, a menagerie of various community college courses and some philosophy courses from University of Wyoming and UNC Chapel Hill plus calculus, linear algebra and statistics from TESU
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