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SL Survey of World History?
I did try searching, but I'm not turning anything up.  (I don't think the BB search targets very well.)  Has anyone taken the SL Survey of World History who's willing to share your thoughts on it?  I just opened it up and discovered it's Acrobatiq, so I'm honestly kind of dreading it.  ("World history" doesn't sound too bad, but the Acrobatiq format, in my experience, is hard to work with.)  How is it?

goal: BA in Complementary & Alternative Health from Ashford U  (75/120)

Christopher Newport University: 2 credits
American College of Healthcare Sciences: 52 credits (plus 14 that are non-transferable because they're challenge courses) Personal Finance, American Government
Shmoop: Bible as Literature, Literature in the Media
SL: Business Ethics, IT Fundamentals, Intro to Religion

working on:
Saylor: Intro to Statistics

SL: Intro to Communication, Survey of World History, Intro to Sociology
I noticed you took SL IT Fundamentals, that uses the Acrobatiq system as well. It's the exact same format for the Survey of World History. If you like history, it would be an easy course. If not it should be passable with some study, (I scored a passing grade of 78% rushing the course in 3/4 days). I did the same with IT Fundamentals but got a higher score of 84%.
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