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Need help aligning with TESU BSBA CIS
Need help figuring out how close I am to TESU BSBA CIS or if another degree would require fewer additional credits.

These are my credits and current professional licenses

Exin ITIL v3 Foundations

Course                                                                            Credits
WFV1 IT Fundamentals I                                                3
LAC1 Language and Communication: Foundations       2
INC1 Integrated Natural Science                                    4
LET1 Leadership Concepts and Applications                 4
MGC1 Principles of Management                                   4
ORC1 Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior and Leadership      4
LAE1 Language and Communication: Essay                 2
AKV1 Web Programming                                               3
WSV1 Web Technologies                                               6
CLC1 Reasoning and Problem Solving                          3
AAT1 Introduction to Programming Part I                       3
INT1 Integrated Natural Science Applications                4

Also have experince in IT (systems, networks, database, report writing, data analysis, software development) and accounting system setup and administration.  How do I get credit for this experience


I'm not trying to be rude, but everything your asking has been cover already, do a quick search on the forum and you'll find a ton of information. I'm now taking my capstone to finish my BSBA-CIS, and found all of the information on here, do some searching and if you have specific questions please feel free to come back and ask.

There's an excel sheet that's has excellent information where you can test out of a lot of course, given your background you probably would be able to do alot of them.
Degree Plan
Need to pass capstone to complete my BSBA-CIS

Capstone - inprogress for Nov 2017-Jan 2018

You'll need to send in your transcript to the school of your choice to see what credits will be accepted, and then follow the excel sheet from there.
Degree Plan
Need to pass capstone to complete my BSBA-CIS

Capstone - inprogress for Nov 2017-Jan 2018

I have a degree plan for the BSBA CIS that is helpful.  TESU probably won't take your certs, which is a bummer.

BUT, I think that you may want to look at a WGU degree as well.  It looks like your credits may fit into their IT or BSBA plans, and you can test out of quite a bit there.  They do take certs, though, and that's very helpful.  And, their degrees are lighter in Gen Ed's and heavier in the major (about a 25/75 split instead of a 50/50 split like most schools), and it sounds like you could more quickly get an IT degree at WGU with your experience.

Attached Files
.xlsx   TESU BSBA CIS.xlsx (Size: 52.62 KB / Downloads: 10)
WVNCC - A.A.S. - 5/2017
(in progress) - 112cr, only 3 more classes to go...
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COURSES: Ed4Credit - Accounting II 85%  Penn Foster - Financial Mgmt 92%  ALEKS - Int Alg, College Alg  Sophia - Project Management 85% Insurance Inst. of America - Ethics 72%  Kaplan PLA

B&M COURSESPalomar College - Organizational Theory (3cr)  Mission College (36cr)  Golden Gate Univ (12cr UL, 3cr LL)  San Jose State Univ (12cr UL, 9cr LL)
If you want credit for your experience, basically, it's all done through PLA (Prior Learning Assessments ), they take at least 3-4 months of you documenting and validating your experience through various means - in essence, it's time consuming. It would be wise to only PLA the Area Of Study in the degree.

In terms of transferring your credits over, which school did you obtain those courses from? If my guess is correct, that's from WGU. Why not continue with WGU and get a Bachelors in IT with them? I understand that WGU may not be right for everyone (yes, I've read horror stories on Reddit and Techexams), but it's a very good school in my opinion.

My recommendation is to continue with WGU, I've said this before - tough it out for the remainder of that degree. If you look past their "shortcomings", you'll be in their for graduation at a faster pace than at TESU - cheaper/easier as well. The other non profit alternative to WGU would be Hodges Upower ASCIT, ladder to BS CIT program.
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2017 BSBA General Management Spreadsheet (using mainly SL/
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Review Beginners Guide sticky for Quick info on TESU BALS/BSBA Bachelors Degree in 1200 hours (120 days or 4 months)
Note: Read the entire Wiki guide to review TESU equivalency course list & links for CLEP/DSST/SL/, etc

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