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Thread: Yup...I'm totally, helplessly, wonderfully, and officially done!!

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    Default Yup...I'm totally, helplessly, wonderfully, and officially done!!

    To Whom It May Concern
    This is to certify that FinancialWorld has completed all of the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with an area of study in Finance.

    Yup...that's right. Its scheduled to be conferred Dec. 16, 2011

    I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. Transcripts take a long time to get from institution A to institution B, and of course all of that paperwork as well.

    So, for my future aspirations. I'm still considering either a MBA, or a Masters of Science in Applied Economics (MSAE). At the moment I'm working towards starting a hedge fund, but new regulations could mean that I take this offshore. So until that starts I'll be day trading my own capital, and hopefully start managing accounts within the next 6-months. The business degree didn't prepare me a whole lot for this, but I kind of expected that.

    So for the master I'm not sure which one I would or should go with, or if I even want to pursue anything yet. The MSAE would definitely apply towards research that I'd do for trading, but the MBA would also help for starting and managing my business (offshore hedge fund).

    So this is just a few of the things that I have on the table at the moment.

    Thanks to you all for your support. I'll try and stick around, especially for you finance majors

    Well, just thought I'd share the good news. I'm sure everyone else (TESC people) are getting theirs right now as well.

    God bless,
    BSBA in Finance from TESC by fall 2011
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    Congrats!....Hope you make buckets full of money !
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    I'm always happy to complete the free application waiver for those applying to WGU (I get a free gift from WGU for this). Just PM me your first/last name and a valid email so I can complete their form.

    Thread; COSC AS using FEMA

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    Congratulations, FinancialWorld!!

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    Wow congrats FinancialWorld this is just so excellent!!!!!!
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    Thanks for sharing your future plans with us! I am glad everything is going through smoothly. Congratulations!
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    * Link posted with permission from forum admin; thank you!

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    Congratulations! Exhale...

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    Way to go!! Congrats!
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    Advanced Acct. - B

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    120/120 completed ~ BSBA Accounting

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    CONGRATS!!!! So glad to hear that your hard work and dedication has paid off.

    So far, I am learning a TON in my MBA and would recommend it to anyone. Of course, I will also be the first to admit that MBA's are a dime a dozen, so if you find a program you really like or something a little different to set yourself apart, it would be nice too. The MSAE sounds really interesting to me. I love econ and am working on economies in emergent markets right now. LOVE IT. I just added a yield curve app to my iPhone ha ha now for the Global GDP Finder app

    Great job and please do keep us posted.
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    And the news today is all, "Financial World in crisis." Well little do they know!
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    Ready for your CLEP exam?

    Study for your exam using the same CLEP Study Guides used by thousands of members of this discussion forum!

    Congratulations! Good luck with all of your plans.
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