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Thread: My Amazing Girl!

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    Default My Amazing Girl!

    Okay it is happening again forum members I cannot help myself here. I am very compelled to once again BRAG about my daughter. Well as many of you already know my beautiful daughter is a bio/chem major at a major university. She also is an RA (resident assistant) a TA (teaching assistant in bio) and a mentor for failing biology students. All I can say is the girl is busy. Because she is a mentor to failing students she actually comes in contact with many of the professors that are dept heads and decision makers.

    My daughter was speaking with many of the seniors about becoming a researcher in the school. She actually wanted to go into the cancer research lab. A lot of her peers said to her good luck we have tried for 2 years to get into that lab without even a call back. Dr W does not answer emails or return phone calls. Well my daughter actually had several of Dr W failing Bio students in her mentoring pod. So she actually sees this person every other week and emails him about his students. So she had to contact him about test results of his students. He responded to her about the problems with the students but he also said to her, I would like to OFFER you a position in my lab as a researcher. I saw your GPA and your work and I would like to sit down and talk to you about this. Now my girl had never even had a chance to apply for the position he just sought her out. UNREAL RIGHT!!!!! Yeah I think so. Now she has a chance to do real research and she will be able to leave with a thesis and graduate with science honors which is completely a different animal then just honors.

    She will be doing research on soft shell clams and leukemia. Since she has been appointed to this position she will be considered a sponsored scholar. How exciting!
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    Congratulations! That is fantastic!!!!


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    Yeah!!!! That is VERY exciting!!!!
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    That is really amazing, kudos to her!! (and to you!!!)
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    Awesome, smart little girl you have there!
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    Wow! Wow! Wow! What a wonderful opportunity! Congratulations!!!
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I really admire hard workers, and you're daughter definitely earned this.
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    That girl is too smart and hard working. She has earned all of her rewards.
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    I love hearing stories like this. Congratulations to you daughter for giving back to the community and being rewarded for it.

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    Thanks Danielle, Scarlett, Reb, Ponygirl, LindaG, Nap, Meth and clep studyguides.
    I am so excited for her. She is also doing early admission for the PharmD. She will know in
    Feb if she gets in or not. For now she will be researching. Thank you all of my well wishing
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