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    Default Does the spelling of your name count?

    Hi all, I read in a college prep guide that you should always use the same form of your name on all tests, applications, or college forms... for example Jane M. Doe, Jane Mary Doe, or Jane Doe. Does the same thing apply for CLEPs? I noticed that on three of my CLEPs I didn't use my middle initial, and on the other I did.
    Thanks in advance!
    CLEPs: A&I Lit - 62, College Algebra - 54, College Comp - 55, Intro Sociology -59, College Math -67, Intro Psychology -66, Western Civ I-56, Social Sciences and History - 60, Human Growth and Development -60, Introduction to Educational Psychology - 65, Natural Sciences - 54
    DSST:Technical Writing -60, Introduction to Computing - 60, Intro to World Religions - 435
    Courses: Comparative Worldviews -3 credits, Social Justice -3 credits, Leadership Theory and Practice - 3 credits, Leadership Management and Communications - 3 credits
    Total Credit - 69

    "Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge." Proverbs 23:12

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    I don't think it counts most of the info is stored by SS # and Date of birth
    If you want the Rainbow you have to put up with the Rain

    TECEP Psyc. of Women (Needed/achieved) 60/74- 3 CR
    DSST Tech. Writing 46/64 -3 CR
    TECEP Word Proc Fund 65/75- 3 CR
    CLEP Info Syst & Comp App. 50/64- 3 CR
    DSST Hist of Vietnam War 44/66 -3 CR
    DSST Intro to World Religions 48/65- 3 CR
    CLEP Anlyz & Interp. Lit. 50/69 -6 CR
    CLEP Intro to Psych. 50/65 -3 CR
    CLEP Intro to Socio 50/69 -3 CR
    CLEP Social Sci & Hist 50/66 -6 CR
    DSST Enviro & Humanity 46/67- 3 CR
    DSST Found Of Edu 46/68 -3 CR
    CLEP Intro to Edu Psych 50/63- 3 CR
    CLEP Human Growth & Devel 50/66- 3 CR
    ECE Literacy Instruct in Elem. School A- 6 CR
    CLEP Natural Science 50/62 -6 CR
    DSST Here’s to Your Health 400/435 - 3 CR
    CLEP American Government 50/61- 3 CR

    Now a substitute Teacher in NY, NJ & SC

    AA Liberal Studies TESC '08
    BA in Natural Science/Mathematics TESC Sept '10
    AAS Environmental safety and Security Technology TESC Dec '12

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    Ready for your CLEP exam?

    Study for your exam using the same CLEP Study Guides used by thousands of members of this discussion forum!

    Ok thank you!

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