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    Default How do I do attachments

    OK I must be stupid or something I can not figure out how to add an attachment to this new private messaging format. I can see the attachment button here, but I don't get that in the private messages. I can see what attachments I have done before , but again I don't see a way to add them now.

    Please help
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    DSST Tech. Writing 46/64 -3 CR
    TECEP Word Proc Fund 65/75- 3 CR
    CLEP Info Syst & Comp App. 50/64- 3 CR
    DSST Hist of Vietnam War 44/66 -3 CR
    DSST Intro to World Religions 48/65- 3 CR
    CLEP Anlyz & Interp. Lit. 50/69 -6 CR
    CLEP Intro to Psych. 50/65 -3 CR
    CLEP Intro to Socio 50/69 -3 CR
    CLEP Social Sci & Hist 50/66 -6 CR
    DSST Enviro & Humanity 46/67- 3 CR
    DSST Found Of Edu 46/68 -3 CR
    CLEP Intro to Edu Psych 50/63- 3 CR
    CLEP Human Growth & Devel 50/66- 3 CR
    ECE Literacy Instruct in Elem. School A- 6 CR
    CLEP Natural Science 50/62 -6 CR
    DSST Here’s to Your Health 400/435 - 3 CR
    CLEP American Government 50/61- 3 CR

    Now a substitute Teacher in NY, NJ & SC

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    BA in Natural Science/Mathematics TESC Sept '10
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    I don't see the attach option, it could be absent since the updated the forum to the vbulletin v4 not to long ago.

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