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    Default Alternative Education - Washington Post Article

    Recent article in The Post that you might find interesting. While I didn't read all of the comments, looks like there are some folks who might find DegreeForum useful!

    Online course start-ups offer virtually free college - The Washington Post
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    This is a very interesting article. As a B&M and distance education instructor at a State community college I can see the advantages and disadvantages. I also know that the traditional schools will never accept credit from these programs unless they are accredited from some recognized body. I'm not sure someone would want to spend their time on free courses then have to retake them for a fee. It may make the courses easier and ensure success, but aside from personal knowledge they are stuck. It would be nice to get certificates of completion to give employers to show continuing education but for now that is the best thing I see coming from these organizations. EC has been around for 40 years and a lot of schools won't accept some of their exams and online coursework. Time will tell. Thanks for sharing.
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    What they should do is get these courses approved by ACE and charge students just for final exams in order to get credit and cover any expenses. If they do this, traditional universities are in BIG trouble. It would also be GREAT news for those of here!
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    After reading several of the comments it is obvious the general public has no idea about CLEP/DSST etc. They also have little or no understanding of the accreditation levels and differences.

    I don't know if that is a bad thing, they will not understand anything except that I graduated from Thomas Edison STATE College.

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