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    Default Study.Com Paper Grading - How harsh?

    My son is turning in the first of 4 papers for HR Management tomorrow. He is very nervous about grading - I told him to make sure he pays attention to the rubric and it should be fine. Anyone with experience with's upper level courses with papers/projects?
    Here Researching for my son, who has done the following:
    Community College: Intro to Philosophy, Fundamentals of IT, English Comp 1
    Saylor: Intro to Business, Principles of Marketing, Corporate Communication
    Shmoop: US History 2 (WGU won't accept this)
    ALEKS: Int. Algebra, College Algebra Personal Finance, Principles of Finance, HR Management, Global Business, Advanced Operations Management - Next Up: Project Management, Employment Law (Pending 3 Credit ACE Approval)
    Straighterline: US History 2, Environmental Science, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, English Comp 2, Principles of Management, Business Law, Business Ethics, Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Accounting 1 - In Process: Communication, Managerial Accounting, Statistics
    Ed4Credit: Managing Information Systems
    Goal: Complete BS in HR Management at WGU in one term.

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    I have only submitted one paper, but I think as long as you go by the rubric you should be fine. They gave feedback on each of the categories in the rubric and were pretty specific in their feedback. The grading seemed appropriate to me. If your son has 4 papers even if he does not do great on the first, he can see how they grade and still have three papers to improve on.

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    Ready for your CLEP exam?

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    They also allow you to resubmit papers also for a better grade, he shouldn't worry about it.
    Thomas Edison State University - BSBA: Accounting: 88/123

    B&M: Personal Finance, Stats, Business Law I, Microeconomics, Quantitative Business Apps, Business Comm, Computer Concepts and Apps, Financial Accounting
    CLEP: Sociology, Psychology, Marketing, College Comp Modular, Human Growth and Development
    Institutes: Ethics 312
    Aleks: Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, PreCalculus
    Shmoop: U.S. History I, U.S. History II, Modern European History Principles of Finance, Advanced Accounting I, Applied Managerial Accounting, American Government, Macroeconomics, Principles of Management, Globalization and International Management
    SL: Intermediate Accounting I, Introduction to Religon

    B&M : Intermediate Accounting II, Managerial Accounting
    SL: Cost Accounting
    CLEP: College Math Public Speaking, English Comp II, Intro to Computing, Info Systems
    TECEP: Strategic Management, Federal Income Tax

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