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Thread: a serious disappointment

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    Quote Originally Posted by strawberryxfuzz View Post
    Also, I got through the ID-ing and area scan with the Proctor software just fine, and I had no indication at all that there was an issue with my webcam (which apparently was facing the wrong direction suddenly?) I've used ProctorU for many, many courses through Saylor and never had an issue. The problem with's software is (at least for me), it doesn't give you any indication or give you a webcam view so you can ensure it's working. I brought this up to them.
    I use a Mac computer and the software does give you the option to have a window open with the webcams view during the test. Not sure how to do it on windows but with the software running you click on the top bar and go to options or whatever its called I will have to look next time I do a test, and it give you the option to open a screen with what the webcam is seeing.

    Note : I should add, that I never actually turned the option on so it very well could not work. I will turn it on for my next one should be in the next day or two.
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    glad it worked out. Their customer support is pretty solid. They fixed an issue I had and refunded me the difference and it only took one email.
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    I'm glad this was resolved, although I can't believe it took them this long, as well as not communicating with you when it all happened. Doesn't make them look good.

    And I'm glad you posted with the results, it makes them look a little better, but now people know some of the issues to look for when dealing with

    It's like knowing in advance that TESU is going to be a pain to deal with - at least you know going in that customer service may be a problem.
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    congratulations on getting this resolved.
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