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    Default TESC CLEP/DSST Credits List (Giving Back)

    I took me forever to find the complete CLEP/DSST credit to class list for TESC.
    I made changes to the format to make it easy to plan and keep track of your test scores.

    The TESC-CLEP-DSST-CREDITS Spreadsheei is attached;

    Thomas Edison State College
    AAS Applied Electronic Studies

    Fort Hay State University
    General Psychology B
    Music Jazz 391 B

    American Government 66
    History of the United States I 74
    Information Systems and Computer Applications 64
    Principles of Management 62
    Western Civilization I 53
    Western Civilization II 54

    Here's to Your Health 423
    Human/Cultural Geography 61
    Management Information Systems 446
    Introduction to Computing 457

    Next Up
    The Civil War and Reconstruction
    Organizational Behavior
    Ethics in America
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    Thanks - good info. I saved it for my DS and DH... should help them out quite a bit!
    Regis University, ITESO, Global MBA in Emerging Markets 4.0 GPA
    COSC BS, Business Admin

    Spanish 80 | Humanities 67 | A & I Lit 72 | Sub Abuse 452 | Bus Ethics 445 | Tech Writ 62 | Math 53 | HTYH 454 | Am. Govt 65 | Env & Humanity 64 | Marketing 65 | Micro 61| Mgmt 63| Org Behavior 65| MIS 446|Computing 432 | BL II 61 | M&B 50 | Finance 411 | Supervision 437| Intro Bus. 439| Law Enforcement 63| SL: Accounting I B | Accounting II C+| Macro A | ECE: Labor Relations A | Capstone: A| FEMA PDS Cert |
    Harvard Medical Dept of Continuing Education- Toxicology: Certificate of Participation

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    Great info! Thank you for sharing.
    Thank you ALL for all the WONDERFUL information! Working SMARTER, NOT harder.

    57 Traditional B&M credits transferred to TESC
    21 credits at TESC as of 8/1/12

    Microeconomics (P), Accounting 1 (P), Accounting 2 (P)

    Up Next
    CLEP Principles of Management
    SL Macroeconomics
    SL Precalculus
    SL Statistics
    SL Business Communications
    SL English Comp 2
    CLEP Introduction to Marketing
    DSST Business in Society
    DSST Money & Banking
    CLEP Business Law

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    This information, plus more, is just a couple of clicks away in the catalog on the TESC website.

    BA/Liberal Studies, TESC 2011
    AAS/Applied Electronic Studies, TESC 2010

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    Hey plunk thanks for sharing. Is this a complete list for a specific TESC degree program or class to credit general information?

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    Default General Credit

    Ready for your CLEP exam?

    Study for your exam using the same CLEP Study Guides used by thousands of members of this discussion forum!

    Quote Originally Posted by OneDayDegree
    Hey plunk thanks for sharing. Is this a complete list for a specific TESC degree program or class to credit general information?
    It is a general credit list.

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