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    Default Texas Veterans - Hazlewood Act

    My G.I.Bill benefits became no longer usuable in 2007, that is when my 10 years of use was up. Luckily I was able to utilize some of it, but did not put a dent into it.

    The Hazlewood Act alows us Texans (if eligible) to get up to 150 hours paid for college. It also states, it pays for exams such as CLEP.

    Does the Hazlewood Act cover credit by examination?

    Yes. Since Texas Education Code 54.203 (a) refers to an exemption from “all dues, fees and charges…” the exemption would include charges for credit by examination.

    I guess my question is, with the assumption you would have to be enrolled at the Texas approved college or university, how would you go about getting the CLEP exams paid for if you did not want to enroll. Has anyone found a loop hole? Not exactly something I want to approach a community college with, but possible someone has had the nerve to do just that.

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    I assume that it would be the same as if using the GI Bill to cover your CLEPs and DSSTs. I think you don't have to be enrolled in school, but when you take the exams you will pay up front and then submit for reimbursment. My wife uses a Generic GI Bill form that goes to the VA when doing that to get back her money. I would call the Texas VA office that deals with the Hazelwood act to get their version of the reimbursment form if they have one, and to find out exactly how the process works with them.
    I'm giving my Hazelwood act to my daughter since I don't need it anymore.
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    Thanks Clep101. I just downloaded the application for the benfits, and it states to submit the application to the institution you plan on attending. I wonder if I submit it to the local college that I plan on using for the CLEP testing, I would still be eligible. These are things I will need to discuss with the college it appears, but was hoping another fellow Texan has tried this. And as you, any unused hours, I will pass down to my kids, a great benefit!

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