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    Default please criticize my essay

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    please criticize my essay.

    Which is more important? Experience or formal education?

    Some people may hold the view that “experience is the best teacher, “while I do believe that , in long run, education is the best investment in one’s life if her or she can utilize the knowledge learned from college, and apply it at different aspects of life. People with formal education can benefit more from getting a job and discovering the world.

    Due to the economy downturn, lots of experienced people are laid off and forced back to school to attain the formal educations that could help them advance in their future career. That explains that people need to obtain update knowledge at school in order to keep competitive at work. As many colleges provide with high education, update knowledge, and different subjects that will meet various need, more and more people are attracted to attend the college. Researches show that over 90% of the companies would rather to hire people with a degree. In some cases, having a degree is a must to enter a job. For example, to become a certified public accountant- job security in accountants’ career, you must accomplish at least college degree in order to be qualified to sit in for the exam. Attaining a degree is a key to enter a job, because you can demonstrate to potential employers that if you are able to learn and accomplish different subjects at school, then you can learn and accomplish any tasks at work as well.

    Marie Curie, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, is a great example of education attribute to success. With little math or science background, Marie determined to overcome these drawbacks through hard work. She finished her master’s degree in physics and math, and she also received her doctorate degree from University of Paris, becoming the first woman in France to complete a doctorate. Marie is well known for her scientific work on radiation, which led to her two Nobel Prizes. However, if she didn’t have a formal education, radium, one of the elements discovered by her would probably have remain unknown for us. Marie’s great accomplishment teaches us that education is beneficial for human being from learning and discovering the world.

    Experience does have some relative advantages in some cases. For example, many small business prefer to hiring people who have previous working experience rather than fresh graduates, since people with experience can get a job done with less training and few guidance, which can help cut the training cost and create a more friendly working environment-old employees tend to respect and cooperate more with the new employees who have experience at work.

    In conclusion, formal education is more important than experiences. Education can benefit people from their career, help people achieve their goals, and promote them learning new knowledge and discovering unknown information.
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