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    How about if we start a thread with cute or funny things a kid said or did? Anyone?

    I saw this in a magazine once so you might know it but its adorable! A little girl notices her mother has a few white hairs so she asks her mother why she has them.
    Her mother says, "every time you do something wrong, or make me upset I get a white hair." The girl thinks for a moment and then says, "How come ALL of grandma's hair is white?"

    A friend was babysitting my sisters and she saw a really cute picture on the table of one of the kids. She said to one of them your parents must really adore this picture. No said the child they hate it. Why do you say that? she asked. Cuz I heard them say they want to blow it up!

    My cousin told her 4 yr old brother he could eat his supper or go fly a kite... he started crying that he doesn't have a kite...

    I was substituting for a 1st grade class this past year we were doing a "fun" sheet. We had to circle the things that were real as opposed to fake. One of the fake pictures was a bird that was reading a book. When i got up to that picture I said "can birds read?!" all the boys shouted out NO! one boy then called out "but then how do they use twitter..... ??????" I was shocked but I was laughing so hard!

    My 2 year old cousin is being toilet trained and he's very into when he becomes a big boy. When hes back to wearing a diaper he says he became a baby. So i was painting my nails, and he asked if he could have some. I said no your a boy, its only for girls. So he said that when he becomes a girl, he'll start wearing some LOL

    A couple of years ago, my mother was packing my sister up for camp and I took my-then 3 year old sister out of the house so that she could get some work done. After taking her for ice cream, I decided to buy my mother a birthday present since it was only days away. I was very conscious however, that as a child, my little sister could easily give away the secret. So on the way home I trained her:
    "Sarah, when we get home and mommy asks us what we did, you say 'we got ice cream' and nothing else. If she asks you what we did after that, say 'nothing' okay?"
    And I practiced being my mother, always ending with "and then what did you do?" to hear her response "nothing".
    It was perfect.
    When we walked in the door, my mother asked what we did. My sister answered, "We got ice cream". Step A, complete.
    Apparently however, my mother wasn't THAT interested, and she went back to packing.
    My sister persisted though,
    "Mommy, now you ask me what we did after that!"
    Not exactly according to plan

    We told our sister that God is up in heaven.
    When she was four, we were flying in a plane. As we were approaching the destination, the captain got on the intercom to announce that we were landing soon. My sister, hearing a voice from nowhere, asked "Is that God talking?"

    Do none of you have anything funny your kids/siblings said???
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    I remember when my nephew aged about 5 or 6 about 15 years ago asked his mother how old she was. When she replied with her age (about 35 at the time), he answered "Far out!, that's when the dinosaurs were around". I thought it quite did she.
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    Once when my extended family was on vacation, my mother took my daughter to the pool. My daughter was one of those kids that never wanted the fun to end. If she was having fun swimming, nothing could make her leave. Not hunger, not other plans, etc. She calls my mother Mima and my mother in law Grandma. So Mima is having a very hard time corralling my screaming, crying daughter, plus the beach bag, pool toys, towels, etc. A security guard approaches and asks if she can help. The security guard then tries to reason with my daughter and says something like, "Be a good girl and go home with your grandma". My daughter, in between sobs, screams, "She's not my grandma!"
    The security guard uses her nightstick to bar my mom from getting near my daughter. When my mom tried to explain that her other grandma is grandma, and she is Mima, the security guard said, "Step away from the child!".
    Security had to come to our villa and ask me to go to the pool area and confirm that my mother was, in fact, who she said she was, lol.

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    When I was a senior in high school, my boyfriend had a little sister who was in kindergarten. His mother was overweight and had an exercise bike in the living room. The littler sister (Amy) asked her mom how long it would take to lose weight. Answering a child, the mother told her that if she were to ride the bike every day, she would begin to see a difference in a few weeks. That answer should have been enough to satisfy a child, but Amy looked at the bike and then her mother multiple times and simply said, "You should have started a long time ago!" Out of the mouths of babes!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by griffinalice29
    We were out shopping at the mall when we saw a small girl crying lost and alone. So we went to the mall manager and asked him to make an announcement. The kid was smart and knew everything like her mom and dadís name, almost everything. The girl insists that she will come with the announcer, so the manager said fine.
    The announcer started: Ladies and Gentlemen we have a lost girl. Her name is Katy and she says she is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Miller.
    Just then the girl jumps and shout: No no, I am not lost, my mom and dad are lost.
    The whole crowd burst into laughter.
    kids are soooo cute!
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    I thought this was funny so I thought I'd share it. A friend of mine's little 5 or 6 year old sister went up to their grandma and randomly, out of the blue, was like, "Grandma, when I'm 16 you'll be"
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    My 4 year old dd was in the living room when this stupid commercial came on.

    2011 Arby's Commercial - YouTube

    At the line, "We all look the same nude." my dd pipes up with, "That's not true! Doesn't she know girl's don't have peewees?!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by purpleteen
    How about if we start a thread with cute or funny things a kid said or did? Anyone?
    I think there should also be a thread on stupid things adults say or do.
    I have been running into alot of idiots lately asking me stupid questions (although my quote states that there are no stupid questions). But I shouldn't say that, maybe they sincerely just don't know.
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