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    Default Anyone from Vermont?

    I was in Vermont when Irene hit the devastation is so sad. I was staying in west Dover VT near Wilmington. When i tried to leave yesterday I was told there was no way out. Finally today the police had written directions for a very round about way.

    i did not see the downtown area of Wilmington you can not get close roads are totally washed away. Even up on the mountain close to Mt. Snow road are missing big chunks. Old covered bridges and places that have been there more then 50 years are gone.

    I always thought flood insurance was just for people near oceans or lakes in low areas. From now on I will buy flood insurance even if I live on top of a mountain.

    My heart goes out to all who have ever had to rebuild from a flood. Seeing places you know and love wash away makes it real and close to home.

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    No, I'm not from Vermont, but I've seen pictures of all of the damage. There was an old saying among New Englanders that USED to be funny. "You can't get there from here." After seeing the destruction in Vermont, it's not funny any longer.

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