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    Default What do we know about the MBA at ENMU?

    Online Master of Business Administration

    Thats the one I am leaning towards. Seems to have the right accreditation, very affordable, completely online.

    I would need to take a finance, two accounting courses, and macroeconomics to be eligible. I wonder if clep/straighterline is ok?

    Anyone have any info?

    Very much open to suggestions. At the price of this program, around 80% would be paid by my employer...makes it attractive.
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    I'm always happy to complete the free application waiver for those applying to WGU (I get a free gift from WGU for this). Just PM me your first/last name and a valid email so I can complete their form.

    Thread; COSC AS using FEMA

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    Would they accept testing credits for their pre-requisites? My school told me right away that they were fine with CLEP/DSST to meet requirements, but weren't sure on SL.. they hadn't heard of it. My guess is that if they're not ok with CLEP, SL would be out of the question.

    Now if you do take SL for these topics, it is easy for accounting but not so much for macro. I HAD to take SL macro because of my wonderful 48 score on the CLEP, but it was a bit of a drag. If I remember correctly, there were a total of 20 tests. Yes, there was a two hour long test for EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER. Ugh... by the end I thought I was going to throw up if I had to take another test. The good news is that with so many tests, they're each pretty simple and if you totally screw up on one, it doesn't greatly affect your grade. I really do enjoy macroecon, but SL was a bit of an overkill IMHO.

    For Accounting I and II, they have 6 tests each, (I think.. it's been a while) so it's not that bad. As I've mentioned here a million times, I absolutely HATE accounting so did what I would consider the bare minimum to pass so my grades aren't stellar, but had I put in even a tiny bit more effort, I'm sure I could have gotten an A in both of those.

    I am pretty sure that there are self-paced classes for Finance such as some of the other ones you've taken, but check to see if you can test out of it first. This was personally my toughest test.. difficult to study for and even harder to take. I felt so uncomfortable with it that I even checked with my grad program to make sure that we don't have any intense Finance courses. As much as I love my MBA program, I would not have considered it if there were graduate-level finance classes. I will have a "Finances in Emerging Markets" course, but based on the syllabus, I hope I can do it....

    If you do end up studying for Principles of Finance, let me know. I have a ton of study guides that are too big to upload.
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    Lucky you that your employer will pay 80% of your MBA. I'm so jealous! EC does have some finance, micro and macro exams. They also have some similar courses on CD-ROM and online. Now that they have lowered the cost of their exams, they may be a cheaper option that gets rid of the issue of whether CLEP/DSST will be accepted. Just a thought! Good luck!
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    Ready for your CLEP exam?

    Study for your exam using the same CLEP Study Guides used by thousands of members of this discussion forum!

    Even if they do not take it, you will learn quite a bit from studying those business topics before going into an mba. I have told people at work many times that if they want an MBA for the knowledge more than for the credential, they should take the CLEP micro, macro, management, marketing, accounting and business law tests. This will keep you out of "Foundation Course Purgatory" before you get to your real MBA courses.

    So I would start studying those topics, get them on your college transcript and then apply. When you send in your transcripts it will show Accounting I&II were transferred in from another school but they probably won't care.
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