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    Default Supporting TESC as an alumni?

    So I owe a lot to TESC. They made my bachelors degree possible and I'd like to support them.
    However, I feel the best way to support them would be to take a couple of courses down the road instead of shoveling money their way for nothing.
    What do you guys think?
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    Not a bad idea. I'm sure they're always looking for people in the Jane Austen classes.

    I wish they would offer some classes like these that UMUC offers (from the catalog):

    CMIT 425 Advanced Information System Security: (Formerly CMIT 499S. Designed to help prepare for the [ISC]2 Certified Information System Security Professional [CISSP] certification exam.)

    CMIT 321 Ethical Hacking: (Formerly CMIT 398E. Designed to help prepare for ECCouncil Certified Ethical Hacker certifications.)

    Montgomery College in Maryland offers courses for PMP or CAPM certification.

    I would think classes that line up with useful certs would be nice to consider.

    Wait a minute though, I just had an idea. What about going for a grad certificate? TESC has a grad certificate in Project Management that would line up very nicely with your career, and it's only four courses. Personally I like the sound of the Org Leadership cert too but its more classes.

    If I had money to burn and time to do it I'd seriously look at the PM cert. After completing that you could go for the full PMP certification and really polish up that IT leadership resume.
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    I do mail a modest donation; as do my siblings and friends to their alma maters. I think the donations are moreso used to offset the costs of less fortunate students (scholarships, grants) than holding up the walls or paying power bills (tuition).

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