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Thread: Happy 2012!!

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    Default Happy 2012!!

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    Happy New Year! I have decided that I will complete my degree this year, so I am looking forward to the new year in a way I never really have before. After all, who wants to look forward to dieting and exercise when you can look forward to learning and earning! (And yes, I have a test scheduled and am currently downloading lectures onto my phone to listen to while traveling this week)
    So I guess this is my accountability post.
    Happy New Year everyone!

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    Personal Finance - 448 Astronomy - 61 Civil War and Reconstruction - 68 History of Vietnam War - 68 Substance Abuse - 59 World Religions - 473 Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union - 55 Environment and Humanity: Race to Save the Planet -61 Intro to Modern Middle East - 58
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    American Literature-73 American Government-62 U.S. History I - 64 U.S. History II -73 A&I Literature - 75 Western Civ I - 58 Western Civ II - 61 English Literature - 67 Humanities -76 Intro Sociology - 62 Social Sciences & History - 69
    Other (43)
    English Composition, Literature & Composition, Art Appreciation, General Psychology, Intro to Anthropology, Abnormal Psychology, Travel Agency Operations, Advanced Hospitality (7 credits), Intro Computer Software, Digital Photography, War and American Society, TESC Capstone
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    Intermediate Algebra

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    Happy new year everyone,and am I glad to be able to say that. While driving home this evening I came way too close to being in an accident. Since my car is old, small, and without airbags, and the other vehicle was big, and going fast, I would have gotten the short end of that encounter, let me tell you. By the skin of my teeth, I missed the red light runner. Well, I'll be here for 2012 . I'm glad that I will be able to share my triumphs with you. I'm glad that you'll be here, too. I wish all of you a happy, safe, and productive new year.
    TESU BSBA - GM, September 2015

    "Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." -- Earl Nightingale, radio personality and motivational speaker

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    Happy New Year all my Degree seeking friends. I have BIG plans for 2012 we are moving to a new home (my first new home in almost 28 years) in a new state and I fiqure if I could finish one degree in 2008 and one degree in 2010 I should be able to finish 2 degrees in 2012.

    I hope everyone else is looking forward to a great New Year too!!

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    Happy new year everybody!
    BSBA CIS from TESC, BA Natural Science/Math from TESC
    MBA Applied Computer Science from NCU
    Enrolled at NCU in the PhD Applied Computer Science

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    Happy New Year Everyone!!!
    Excelsior College - DONE
    AAS-2009, BSLS-2010

    Thomas Edison State College - DONE
    BA in History-2011

    Texas A&M University Central Texas
    Master of Arts in History - 18/36 SH

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    DSSTs Passed
    Civil War & Reconstruction, Rise & Fall of Soviet Union, History of Vietnam War, Intro Modern Middle East, Western Europe Since 1945, Drug and Alcohol, Here's to Your Hlth, Intro To Comp, Prin of Sup, Technical Writing, Prin of Physical Science I

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    Happy New Year everybody! Blessings to all this year!

    Certification (ACA) University of Central Florida
    B.A. (Social Sciences) Thomas Edison State University

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    I hope all my DF friends and family have a wonderful and prosperous new year! I'm sure we will see lots of new degree holders in 2012! I for one will be adding my Master's in Healthcare Administration to my portfolio in March. I wish everyone a great educationally rewarding new year!
    Completed 2/09 - 5/13

    RHIA Post-Bac Cert - Stephens - 5/13
    MHA - Bellevue Univ - 3/12
    BSHS - Excelsior 12/10
    BSLS - Excelsior 3/10
    ASLS - Excelsior 4/09

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    ECE - Found. of Gerontology - B
    ECE - Ethics: Theory & Practice - B
    ECE - Psych. of Adulthood & Aging - A
    ECE - Social Psych. - B
    ECE - Abnormal Psych. - B
    ECE - HR Management - B
    ECE - Research Methods of Psych. - B
    ECE - Pathophysiology - A

    CLEP - American Govt - 58
    CLEP - Intro. to Sociology - 63
    CLEP - A & I Lit - 70
    DSST - Fund. of Counseling - A (65)
    DSST - Org. Behavior - A (67)
    DSST - Environment & Humanity - A (62)
    DSST - Found. of Education - A (64)
    DSST - Here's to Your Health - 461 (Pass)
    DSST - Substance Abuse - 460 (Pass)
    DSST - Principles of Supervision - A (61)
    DSST - Lifespan Developmental Psych - A (59)
    DSST - Criminal Justice - 443 (Pass)
    DSST - MIS - 415 (Pass)
    UExcel - Intro. to Psych (Beta)- Pass
    ALEKS - College Alg, Stats
    Straighterline - Medical Term, Pharmacology I & II
    FEMA - PDS + more

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    ¡feliz año nuevo!
    Tests taken so far:
    CLEP English Comp/w Essay: 64
    CLEP History of U.S. I: 70
    CLEP History of U.S. II: 64
    CLEP Spanish Language: 64
    CLEP American Government: 60
    CLEP Humanities: 59
    CLEP Prin. of Macro. Econ.: 69
    CLEP Prin. of Micro Econ.: 57
    CLEP Prin. of Marketing: 67
    CLEP Anal. & Inter. Lit.: 69
    CLEP Prin. of Management:68
    CLEP Intro. Business Law: 69
    CLEP Info. Sys. & Comp. App.: 64
    CLEP Biology: 60
    DSST Prin. of Supervision: 445
    DSST Human Resource Mgmt.:67
    DSST Man. Info. Sys.: 424
    DSST Bus. Ethics & Soc. : 449
    DSST Intro. to Bus. 454
    FEMA Professional Development Series
    ALEKS Precalculus
    Straighterline Business Communications
    Straighterline Business Statistics
    Straighterline Accounting I
    Straigtherline Accounting II
    Penn Foster Fin. Mgmt.

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    Happy New Year everybody!!! Anybody make any good resolutions, besides the normal - workout more, eat healthier, study harder...? One of mine is to get myself a little more organized. I find myself piling up papers and books during the school day only to leave a clutter for the next day. I'm normally a very organized person, but over the years I've started to get busier and less organized. So this year I'm going to do better!!!! (I hope)!
    CLEPs: A&I Lit - 62, College Algebra - 54, College Comp - 55, Intro Sociology -59, College Math -67, Intro Psychology -66, Western Civ I-56, Social Sciences and History - 60, Human Growth and Development -60, Introduction to Educational Psychology - 65, Natural Sciences - 54
    DSST:Technical Writing -60, Introduction to Computing - 60, Intro to World Religions - 435
    Courses: Comparative Worldviews -3 credits, Social Justice -3 credits, Leadership Theory and Practice - 3 credits, Leadership Management and Communications - 3 credits
    Total Credit - 69

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