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    Default Creepers be creepin'

    Ok, is it just me, or is it annoying as heck when a business "joins" the forum AS THAT business and then JOINS THE THREAD where we are trying to have unbiased discussions? Can they at least be under the radar? I get it, you search your company- you want to right the injustices of the world....I won't name company names- because clearly they search their own names here- but there are 2 that just need to....well, I don't know what they need to do, they need to quit creepin' (BTW, my child told me I'm entirely too old to say creepin, but it just feels right lol)
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    Quote Originally Posted by cookderosa View Post
    Can they at least be under the radar?
    So you'd rather they be under the radar IE hide who they are, and give unverifiable information in support of their company? You don't like that the Straighterline folks post here and clearly represent Straighterline and act as extended customer service?
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    As long as they clearly identify themselves it doesn't really bother me that they post here. I figure they're all reading this forum anyways - including administrators from the Big 3.
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    I'd rather they be straightforward about who they are. I hate when college employees pose as students and attack every person who posts a negative comment about their schools on a forum.

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    I don't so much mind them coming here and joining a discussion. I wish they would propose solutions or at least admit there are issues with their product that they are aware of and working on. When they just come in and re-state their policy it seems a little silly. This isn't a yahoo discussion group, folks that have found there way here either already have or are seeking specific knowledge.

    Also if your going to join the group...contribute to the group. Don't just jump in as a self protection measure. Get involved.
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    Especially sad for us newbies...
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    Straighterline should be a sponsor of the site and should have their own forum with moderator privileges. That arrangement is very common on other forums.
    Also, if someone posts false negative information about the sponsor, the moderators of this site could lock the thread. I have seen it done many times on the corvette and other auto forums and I think it works pretty well.
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    We all know Straighterline is 1, who is the 2nd??
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    As long as they are identified as representing the organization, and don't spam the forum or use it as an extension of their helpdesk, then I think it can be valuable having them participate in discussions.

    I will agree with cook on this point though -- if an organization tries to hijack a thread the poster should be treated like a troll. And Shoto thankfully has an itchy trigger finger for banning people like that. I haven't seen anything like that though, certainly nothing obnoxious like "Hi, this is ABC school, we will answer any questions you have about us" autopasted into any thread that mentions its name.

    Then again, maybe something just went down in another thread that I didn't see?

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