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    Default All Autodesk software (AutoCAD, Sketchbook, etc) FREE for students!

    Wow. I'm downloading Sketchbook Designer and Sketchbook Pro right now to check them out.

    They are free, no questions asked. Just register and tell them what school you are attending and they just hand you the product key.

    Be sure you write down / save the product key and serial number. They say they will e-mail them to you, but they don't.

    Autodesk Education Community
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    Goal: TESU BA Computer Science

    After completing all but 4 gen eds for the BSBA CIS I switched to comp sci.

    CCAF: AAS Comp Sci
    CLEP (10): A&I Lit, College Composition Modular, College Math, Financial Accounting, Marketing, Management, Microecon, Sociology, Psychology, Info Systems
    DSST (4): Public Speaking, Business Ethics, Finance, MIS | ALEKS: College Algebra/Trig/Stats
    TESU (11): English Comp, Business Law, Macroecon, Managerial Accounting, Strategic Mgmt (BSBA Capstone), C++, Data Structures, Calc I/II, Discrete Math, BA Capstone
    UMUC (3): Comparative programming languages, Signal & Image Processing, Analysis of Algorithms

    Analysis of Algorithms, BA capstone

    Wife pursuing Public Admin cert via CSU.

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    Ready for your CLEP exam?

    Study for your exam using the same CLEP Study Guides used by thousands of members of this discussion forum!

    That's awesome! I use both on my iPad or iPhone almost every day.
    My all my kids from toddlers to high school love playing with it too.
    Home Educating 7 sons & 3 daughters so far
    Yes, they're all ours!

    Credits from CC classes:
    eng 1113 freshman comp 1
    eng comp 2
    pos 1113 american fed gov't (I believe this was political sci.)
    spa 1103 spanish 1
    bio 2123 human ecology
    his 1493 american history civil war era - ore
    phi 1113 intro to philosophy
    soc 1113 intro to sociology
    total credits 24 hours for mom
    gpa 3.12

    Currently home schooling 2 oldest kids for:
    CLEP West Civ 1 = 50, 64
    CLEP West Civ 2 = 58, 60
    DSST Intro to Geology
    DSST Astronomy

    Need help deciding which of the big 3 to use? Then go look at Awesome Alissa's Pros/Cons of the Big 3 Comparison.

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