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    Default Turning credits into regionally accepted from a nationally accredited university

    Hello to anyone who still remembers me! I have a question for a friend. She has credits from a nationally accredited university which she wants to 'magically' turn into credits from a regionally accredited university with the end goal of being able to attend another regionally accredited school. She doesn't want to use the 'middle man' for anything other than making her first group of credits into something that the end school will accept, but can this be done? I don't think there are any CLEPs involved in this. I tried to do a search, but didn't really come up with a definitive answer to this.

    Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

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    She can find a regionally accredited school that accepts nationally accredited courses, finish her undergraduate there, and then go to a regionally accredited graduate school. She cannot, however, use a regionally accredited school to magically turn her NA credits into something that would be accepted by another RA school. Just about every school requires a transcript directly from the source. For example, her NA credits could be accepted by University of Phoenix and she could take some courses from there. If she were to transfer to somewhere like Texas A&M, they'll accept the UoP credits but reject the NA credits. Some RA schools will accept ACE-approved NA courses, but not too many NA schools have their courses ACE evaluated. I know that Liberty University, UoP, and APUS accept NA credits. I believe WGU only accepts DETC, not ACCSC or any of the other national accreditors. HETA members will evaluate your credits on a case-by-case basis.
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    American Military University/American Public University will likely take her credit towards their degree, they are cheaper and arguably have a better reputation than UofP....but it won't "change" the credits. The Big 3 might work too, she would have to apply and see.

    Not the answer you hoped for, but at least being able to graduate from a RA school, she could pursue RA Grad school options.
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    Thread; COSC AS using FEMA

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    Columbia Southern University(DETC) and Waldorf College(Regional) are owned by the same entity, so Waldorf accepts all of CSU's credits towards their programs. Waldorf has only a 30-credit residency(online). In turn, CSU accepts most credit from any other source. Only kicker is that Waldorf only offers 5 degrees online. There are also other learning partners that CSU is affiliated with(Trident, etc.)

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    Excelsior also accepted up to 30 of my CSU credits as well for a second bachelor's.
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