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    Default Straighterline Comp II How many tests?

    I have just completed the tests 1-8 available for English Comp II. I thought at this point I would almost be completely done with the course. However, from the way it sounds, this only gets me to midterm? Could someone please advised? I wasted two months of 99 due to stalling and was hoping to get it all done by end of this month prior to proctoring beginning. I am hoping I do not have another set of tests to complete once I am done with the 10th test. Someone shine some light please
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    If you look at the course outline it will tell you exactly what you need to do... There is pretty much a test for each chapter and 7 written assignments. Needless to say, this is a pretty tedious course.
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    Just take a look at the "my grades" section once you are logged into the your course it will tell you every assignment/quiz you need to take. There are 13 quizzes based on English then 4 more quizzes that based on Frankenstein. Also there are 7 written assignments. I just finished all the basic English quizzes first, now I am going to start on the Frankenstein reading and get that out of the way. Then I will work on the writing assignments. It's alot of work but that's ok it will get done. I'm ok with spending the $99 for another month because I also have two other classes I'm working on too. So in the long run it's still cheaper than taking the course at school.

    Also, according to SL the new proctoring requirement is for classes purchased after Novemeber 1st and for classes that require a final exam. English Comp I & II do not have final exams. Hope this info helps.

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    Default It Is Tedious

    It took me about six weeks to finish English Comp 2. I remember that the Research Paper took me the longest because I had never written one before. Other than that, you will be glad you did this and English Comp 1, as you will need to write more of the papers which are introduced in these courses.

    Did you buy a copy of Frankenstein for the course? I was able to find a copy of the required edition for free on Amazon Kindle, and used this for the coursework. But I also found that Cliff Notes worked well for a summary.

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