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    Default US History CLEP- REA vs. Peterson's

    To anyone that has taken the US History I CLEP---- are the REA or Peterson's practice tests closer to the real thing? I take this test Friday and need to know which practice tests to focus on with the little time I have left to study.

    Thanks for any advice or help!

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    My REA scores were closest to my CLEP score. My Petersons scores were only a little lower, though. If you have the Official Clep SG, take that PT—it's really accurate. And don't forget to study the PTs when you finish taking them
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    Take them both. There's no such thing as taking TOO many practice tests. Read through the explanations as well (right or wrong). 6 total tests... take 3 Wednesday 'n 3 Thursday.

    Best of luck to you!
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    1st REA pt: 64 scaled
    2nd REA pt: 73 scaled
    1st Peterson's pt: 59% (64 scaled)
    Official CLEP Study Guide: 78%

    On the real thing, I scored a 73. I posted thoughts and resources for this test near the bottom of this post ---> If you'd like, I can PM you a list of specific things to know for the CLEP.

    I would advise taking both the Peterson's and the REA practice tests - the more information you know, the better prepared you will be for the test! Good luck on your CLEP.
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    Ready for your CLEP exam?

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    I'll post the scores I had if you want to compare them. In general, the REA practice tests are a bit easier, and the Peterson's are a bit harder than the real test.

    REA 1: 52 scaled
    REA 2: 60 scaled
    REA 3: 58 scaled
    Official Clep: 72 percent

    Test: 56
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