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    Default TESC "Leaders in History" course


    Alrighty, I'm currently doing this course (in Module 3 now) and here is some feedback

    There are 2 required books, Certain Trumpets by Garry Wills and Traditional Classics of Leadership (a collection of writings by historical figures) by Wren, Hicks and Price. Modules 1 and 2 are about Certain Trumpets. Modules 3, 4, and 5 are about Traditional Classics. In Module 6, you'll be doing a Final Paper.

    The 12-week course consists of 6 2-week Modules. Each module consists of reading (approx. 150 pages) from the assigned book. Then you do a post in the Discussion Forum and respond to at least 2 other posts. I try to keep my posts over 100 words. An average DP length in my class is about 300 words; responses are around 100-150 words. In Module 6 there's no Discussion Forum posting.

    My professor is Donald Redden. He's kind of a slow grader (he hasn't graded any of my discussion posts yet) but he gives really good grades. I had practically no experience writing college level papers before this so I'm thankful I can write papers he likes He's also very involved in the Discussion Forum.

    I'm not finding the course hard. To tell the truth, this course has been easier than the Liberal Arts Capstone, which I'm doing at the same time. The hardest part for me is writing about myself :| For some reason, I can write fine about others in history but when it comes to "write about how it relates to you" it's harder :? Thank God my papers along those lines have come out good enough to warrant good grades!
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